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Life on Varanasi Ghats


There are a lot of Holy Cities and Temple Towns in India, every where people come to ask for wishes to be granted to make their life better in this. People visit  Varanasi for all this and more, thousands of  Hindus visit Varanasi or Benaras, or Kashi to die. Yes you read it correct, when they become old and sick and think the time to meet the maker is coming they visit Varanasi and wait for the dying in Kashi the city of Shiva known my many names the most popular being Varanasi. They say Varanasi is older than history, when Lord Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath near Varanasi about 2500 years ago, Varanasi was already known as the ancient city! Indeed Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and is believed to have been found by none other than lord Shiva himself.

Our today’s post is a very special photo feature by renowned photographer  Shikhadeep who has traveled and worked all over India capturing the essence and soul of India. Besides India he has extensively traveled in South East and Central Asia capturing day-to-day life in his camera.

Over to Shikhadeep:

Varanasi….Kashi…..Benares…..all represent a place in Central India on the banks of Holy River ‘Ganga’. Permanent residence of Lord of Destruction ‘Shiva’; a city with history of more than 4000 years revered by Hindus  Jains & Buddhist alike; a city that attracted many a raiders, from Mahmud of Gazni to Aurangzeb  due to its opulence and grandeur; a city destroyed and rebuilt many times over; of myriad colors  burning ghats and forgotten traditions; and above all a city where people come to attain Moksha. One walk along the polluted ghats of Ganga  or Ganges offers a lifetime of experience. I have tried to capture the essence of life on Varanasi Ghats.

Sunrise over boats in Ganges in Varanasi

Sunrise Over Boats in Ganges In Varanasi

Sunrise over boats in Ganges in Varanasi

The Day Begins With A Holy Dip In Ganges In Varanasi

Pilgrims taking boat from ghats to cross Ganges in Varanasi Dashsaswamedh Ghat

Oh Mere  Manjee Le Chal Par

Portrait of a Boat man in Varanasi

Manjhee or Boatman Rowing Boat In Varanasi

Pilgrims taking bath in Ganges in Benaras

Prayers With Holy Dip In Ganges

Devotees on Ghats of Varanasi taking a holy bath in Ganges

Washing Sins In The Holy Waters Of Ganges In Varanasi

Pilgrim taking bath in Varanasi Ganges

A Man In Holy Waters of Ganges

Manmandir Ghat Varanasi

Life on Varanasi Ghats

a sadhu smeared with ash Manmadir Ghat Varanasi

A Sadhu Or Holy Man On The Ghats of Holy Ganges in Varanasi



About Shikhadeep: 

Shikhadeep is an independent freelance photographer based in India. Born n raised in India he honed his craft under the watchful eyes of his mentor in the streets of Delhi which was his home during the initial years. Soon pan India was his frame in which he moved and composed the images. He believes that –
‘”There is a photographer hidden in each one of us. We all observe similar sights with own  perspective. A good photographer is the one who captures the sight with a fresh perspective n presents it to the world.  A photographer need to be observant, passionate n have child like enthusiasm towards his profession”.

You can check his more amazing work on his website Incredible India Photographs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing nice article. This is so amazing. Thank you so much for the post it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of articles.

  2. Lovely pics, have you done any HDR tweaks?

  3. Amazing shots. The first two are stunning.

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