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25 Travel Bloggers from India Share Monsoon Pictures 

Many Monsoons ago, one fine evening I received a call from a friend, “You want to Chase Monsoon ?”.

Without thinking or blinking I said – “OK, when do we leave ?”

“Day after tomorrow 5 am, “he said.  – “Cool, see you then,” I said with a big grin.

The only challenge was he was in Bangalore and I was in Gurgaon. But a promise to chase Monsoon is a “Promise to chase Monsoon”.  So next day I reached the office, kept my backpack in the car, attended a few meetings, suffered a severe attack of Viral Fever due to change in season. My voice choked, my hands trembled as I tried to type on the keyboard, and there were pre-monsoon sweat beads on my forehead. Needless to say, my team took notice and trying to hide their joy suggested I go home and take some rest.  Long story short, I was advised by my colleagues to go home and rest, few of them even offered to take me home as I was in no position to drive. But as a valiant knight I said: “No I can manage, let me call a cab, you guys must attend the 7 am PST conference call with mortgage insurance client.”  So I called in a cab, clandestinely collected my bag from the car, dumped the tie in the car boot and jumped in the waiting cab telling the building security that I will collect my car after a few days.

“Woohoo, Bangalore here I come”, I screamed the moment I saw the board of “Airport 7 KM on the National Highway 8 that connects the now Sanskari Guru Gram to then Durachari Delhi.  I boarded the last flight from Delhi to Bangalore, tried to sleep with one eye shut while keeping the other one open to check the clouds outside. Anyways late night or early morning I reached the then Bangalore airport which was half asleep and half inundated in Monsoon waters, somehow I reached the friends place and immediately we started our project “ Chasing Monsoon” from Bangalore to Gurgaon.  But this post is not at all about our road trip chasing monsoon, nor is it about Chasing The Monsoon,  book by Alexander Frater. But both the trip as well as the book may have some subconscious impact on my desire to relive that trip once again for many years now.  Every year I have been planning a repeat of the trip but from Kanyakumari to Delhi but have been grossly unsuccessful in my attempt.  So I did the next best thing, I decided to crowdsource my Chasing Monsoon project and requested fellow travelers, bloggers, and photographers to share their monsoon pictures with me. Luckily for me, most of my traveler friends were kind enough to share the monsoon pictures. Soon mailbox was blessed with pictures from various parts of the country from Mumbai to Kolkata and from Darjeeling and one even from Hong Kong. Though originally the plan was to keep images only from India but how can one say no when you receive so many of your traveler friends some whom I have met in real life and others in virtual world keep your mailbox popping with beautiful pictures that represent the spirit of “ Chasing Monsoon “

As the number of images that I received was more than the  normal images typically a blog post will have, I decided to break the post into 3 sections, each covering a different aspect of how we look and experience the monsoon.

So the post is divided into 3 sections based on the theme of the images received.

  • Umbrellas

  • Nature

  • City Life

Now you may feel some pictures can come in more than one section or are better suited to another section please bear with me and let the love for monsoons flow around without judging me. After all who does not slip a bit in the rains? When you get rains you love them will all your heart and enjoy the chai pakoras and the potholes in the same vein.

Chasing Monsoon Old Man with Umbrella in Kolkata

 An old man and an old building bearing rain in Kolkata Photo by  Saurabh Arya of  यायावरी  Blog


Chasing Monsoon - Paharganj Delhi

Photo by Nirdesh Singh – Just Tripping  :No he’s not a mannequin – he is a live one-  Dev D Rainy Nights in Paharganj After many long years when it actually feels like monsoons, you find yourself in the deliciously slushy streets of backpackers’ haven. 

Chasing Monsoon in Himalayas

Monsoon smiles on the face of these girls in Kumaun  Photographer: Deepti Asthana – DATravelography

Chasing Monsoon Darjeeling

Chasing Monsoon in Darjeeling – Photograph by Alka Kaushik – Life In Transit

Chasing Monsoon Corbett National Park

Vasu Devan of Digital Lens Reflex catches some Colorful Umbrellas in a Bhegee Raat in Uttrakhand near Jim Corbett National Park

Chasing Monsoons in Mumbai

Chasing Monsoon Special: Clicked by Arti S. My Yatra Diary : The Man Behind the Blue Umbrella. (Mumbai, Marine Drive Promenade). Blissfully ignorant of the chatter, chaos, activity and a world of people who had descended by the beautiful rounded promenade along Marine Drive in Mumbai to enjoy an evening walk in the monsoons, he stood there alone with his umbrella, facing towards the sturdily greying nimbus skyline that rose far away above sky-rise buildings behind a thickening blanket of haze. I stood there behind him and wondered of the man standing in the calming shade of the blue umbrella. What was he reflecting about? Perhaps the day that had gone by or tomorrow, about his family, or life or … ? Or, was it about dreams? His shirt fluttered in the noisy breeze, and trousers puffed up above the office boots. Just then, a huge sea wave broke the shore spraying water all over. The umbrella started moving, and soon the man was lost in the crowd. Only that, he had left behind a mystical arc of thoughts and dreams that continued to gleam brightly like a rainbow in the steadily deepening monsoon.

Chasing Monsoon Darjeeling

Amit Kagra Back 2 Routes clicks Darjeeling by mobile : Normally with hill station is associated with beautiful mountain ranges, stunning viewpoints and DARJEELING is no different. My trip to the hill station was in the middle of rainfall. I experienced a different side of the place. Rains had created a feeling of suspense all around through that mist

Chasing Monsoon

Suprio Bose captures some kids with umbrella in the monsoon rains

Now let us move to our next section of Chasing Monsoon where our travel bloggers have shared the images of Chasing Monsoon with nature in the backdrop.

Chasing Monsoon in India

This is a special entry by talented young photographer Nishant Sharma who clicked this image during his family holiday in Odisha. Nishant all of 9 years has an eye for photography as we can see in this picture. Thanks to VJ Sharma for sharing this for readers of desi Traveler 

Chasing Monsoon In India

Shailza Sood Dasgupta not only shares this raindrop with us but also the poem she wrote: Moisture laden black clouds embrace the sky and dull day changes into the romantic evening… Thunderbolt announces the arrival of the storm and lightning illuminates the mystic sky.. . The drops of rain kiss the heated earth and every particle of universe rejoice!

Chasing Monsoon raindrops on flower bud

Ruby Singh who writes Life and Its Experiments shares picture of this raindrop clinging for dear life on this delicate Nerium flower bud

Chasing Monsoon in India

When the white blanket of mist embraces the hills, the cold wind runs through your body, the sound of raindrops create rhythms in the surrounding, and when you make your way through the twisted trail. Holding my colourful umbrella, I just stood still on a hilltop to admire nature with a smile. Photo by Parnashree Devi – My Travel Diary

Chasing Monsoon in India - Bhutta stall

Nidhi Joshi of Coins and Maps shares this image PFA a pic from my recent trip to Nainital from Delhi. This was shot on our way back to Delhi from Nainital on 3rd July 2016. We stopped here and had fresh and juicy corns for breakfast which were roasted over a huge log of wood (considering the stock this guy had – a huge log of wood was required), rubbed with butter and hot and spicy green chutney. Never had anything like this before.

Chasing Monsoon in India Misty Mountains

Manu Khandelwal of Harstuff Travel clicked this image of – Woods in the clouds while coming down from Triund Trek in Himachal Pradesh

Chasing Monsoon in India

Here is a picture Akanksha Dureja – Direct Dil Se clicked on July 2nd, 2016 at Prakriti Farms, Punjab. 🙂

Chasing Monsoon in India

Here’s my rainy day image. I love Delhi in rains and there’s nothing better than sitting in my balcony, having a cup of tea, watching raindrops play with the leaves of the Semal tree which is just outside my balcony. Image by Sushmita Sarkar of My Unfinished Life


After nature pictures of Chasing Monsoon let us go and visit our cities from where our Travel Bloggers have captured the life and the magic of monsoons as our cities celebrate and cope with monsoon simultaneously. What a tragedy our cities go through every year, with nature’s bounties comes the pain of inefficiencies of our bureaucratic and political class whose incompetence leads to total chaos in our cities just after a few showers.  But let us still enjoy these pictures that have arrived from different parts of India and one picture from Hong Kong

Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India (8)

Priya Pathiyan who pens Hungry Happy Hippy clicked this image on a rainy day near CST station through her taxi window. The picturesque colonial buildings on DN Road made for a beautiful backdrop. It was the typical monsoon day with grey skies and the raindrops pelting down heavily on the roof. The light in the Mumbai monsoon is always special, making all the colours extra vibrant. The black-and-yellow taxis we call kaali-peelis, the red and green traffic lights and the freshness of the rain-washed greens stood out very brightly though just a blur in the rain.

Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India (9)

One look at this image by Nisha Jha of ” Le Monde – A Poetic Travail “ fame and you know why Monsoons are loved as well as dreaded at the same time in Mumbai. Nisha clicked this image with a cell phone. In her words – When I was trying to cross the road, I saw this car was struggling hard to move away from this road. 🙂 These potholes were quite deep. They rightly say “Mumbai ki roads pe potholes nahi hote, potholes pe road hoti hai.“.

Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India

Svetlana a global traveler who writes Maverick Bird clicked this picture of the famed yellow taxi of Kolkata on a rainy day.

Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India (3)

Jayanti Pandey who writes And So I Felt clicked this image from her apartment balcony in Gurgaon



Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India

Swati Saxena of Lost in Maps shares this intriguing image that she clicked from her balcony in Delhi




Chasing Monsoon in Cities of India

This is Monsoon in backyard of Mridul Pareek’s home in Ajmer, where has spent his childhood and now authors Urban Rabbit Blog

India Gate Delhi Chasing Monsoon

Here is a captivating image of India Gate captured by V J Sharma of Traveling Camera Blog

Chasing Monsoon in Rajasthan

Chasing Monsoon by Tarun Gaur aka My Greedy Backpack while he was on a Road Trip To Rajasthan

After the images from India, let me share two images that were clicked outside India, the first one is from  Hong Kong by Aditi Mathur Kumar and second is from Bali in Indonesia by Archana Singh.

Chasing Monsoon by aditi mathur kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar clicked  first showers of Monsoon in June in Hong Kong

chasing monsoons Bali

Monsoon magic from the island of Bali clicked by Archana Singh – Travel See Write

But before we go we have our final post for this collaborative aka crowdsourced post on Chasing Monsoon. The final post here is not an image but a short video that professional travel photographer Ajay Sood, who writes his blog at  Travelure clicked in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.

A Video of Chasing Monsoon in Ranthambore by Ajay Sood of Travelure

With this, I would like to thank all the wonderful travel bloggers who helped me in Chasing Monsoon and shared their images here for the readers of desi Traveler blog. May their blogs be always showered with page views. This post was supposed to be even bigger but due to vagaries of nature, some of the cities did not get any rains at the the time of this post going live hence I could not get the pictures from other blogger friends who wanted to contribute. But you let us hope we will continue this tradition of collaborative crowd-sourced blog posts on desi Traveler.

Oh and if you have not read the book Chasing The Monsoon by Alexander Frater, I would say you should 🙂

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