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Download September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper: Sunset Beach Cricket Mumbai


A Happy September to you all the wonderful readers of desi Traveler blog.

Dear reader the September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper is now ready for free download from desi Traveler Blog.

Mumbai is a city where space is at a premium & free time is a rare commodity. With hardly any open spaces and life moving as per the schedule of the local trains the public beach plays a great equalizer in the life of a Mumbaikar. The superrich come to the beach to escape the stale air of their air-conditioned homes as they jog around in their designer sweatpants, ignoring the 100s of couples exchanging sweet nothings over a corn on the cob while the world evaporates around the cozying couples. Then there are all kind of vendors selling chai, Pani Puri, sprouts, toys, and even photographers who will click you and give a printout of your memories. Then there are boys of all ages who are all trying to be the next Tendulkar.

Here is the story behind this silhouette image clicked at Juhu Beach Mumbai.

I was walking on Juhu beach looking for a vantage point to capture the sunset when I was hit by a collective applaud ” Its A FOUR” !!! Rose the chorus above the soaring waves at Juhu beach Mumbai. As the batsman positioned himself to face the next ball I changed the settings of my camera and pointed it towards the batsman, ignoring his warnings that I may get hit. All I was thinking was the only thing better than clicking a sunset is clicking a game of beach cricket in a sunset. What a memorable evening it was on the Juhu beach in Mumbai. And don’t miss the pesky crow that did not move an inch from his position even as the chorus rose to cheer the batsman.


That, in a nutshell, is the story of this Silhouette of a sunset beach cricket match captured last year in September that I am using for the September 2018 Calendar exactly after one year. Please go ahead download it  & share it with your friends & family. The calendar is my monthly thank you note to all the wonderful readers of desi Traveler blog. As always the September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper comes in 3 sizes for you to download

September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper free Download

Sunset Beach Cricket Mumbai India – You can download this Calendar free from any of the links below

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How to download the September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper?

You can just right click on the any of the sizes you want and save it on your machine. Yes, that is right no forms to fill, no emails to subscribe just simple download in high resolution for your desktop and you can even take printouts if you want. All I request you is to keep coming back and reading desi Traveler blog as your love is the fuel of this blog 🙂 Once again  A Happy September to you 🙂


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