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Should we keeep the Hidden Canyon of Hyderabad a secret?

A few days ago while on a photographic jaunt with some of my photographic friends we stopped at an isolated spot to plan where to go next. While we were talking as to where to go next to go to the next  birding hot spot in Hyderabad like Gandipet or go and click one of the monuments like Taramati Baradari. While we were debating on the same, one of us started exploring the area and this is what he found
We were all very exited on this discovery just next to a major artery of the city but still hidden from the eyes of the busy motorist who is in too much hurry to look around.
We all clicked a lot of pictures and I posted the same on Facebook page of desi Traveler. Just for fun I named the site as Hidden Canyon of Hyderabad as it reminded me of the famous Horse shoe bend in Grand Canyon. ( only our canyon is about a million times smaller).
I was surprised at the response the post received on Facebook. With more than 800 views and many requests to tell the exact location of the Hidden Canyon.
Hidden Canyon lake Hyderabad
Would it remain this pristine if 100s come for picnic?
Now I was a bit worried, as when we stumbled upon the canyon it was filled with water that is very clear without any signs of human apathy. I was wondering if on seeing one picture so  many people want to visit it, should I disclose the exact location that will make some people happy but also may lead to complete ruin of the water body just like most lakes in Hyderabad. Check this post that I wrote about cleaning  Peerancheru lake near PBEL city from where more than 10 bags of garbage, bottles, Styrofoam etc was removed last year. This year the exercise was repeated and again same amount of garbage was removed. Similarly my friends in GHAC clean Khajaguda every few months as people keep on dumping garbage there whenever they go for hiking etc. Do I want the same fate for Hidden Canyon?
I am pretty sure a few people already know about the Hidden Canyon and I am in no way the only person to know its exact location, but I am sure they have not disclosed the same to others.  I see no reasons to share the same with over enthusiastic visitors who may start treating it like a garbage dump. Just check the pictures of Khajaguda or PBEL city cleaning drive in the links above.
cleaning khajaguda
Do we want this at Hidden Canyon
While I do not have any right to pass moral judgement on others, but I have every right to think of the Hidden Canyon as our canyon and try to keep it as hidden as it has been for last so many years. May be once in a while I will go there sit on a rock and close my eyes, and when I will open my eyes praying that it remains pristine like this only. I would also request all those who find it or visit it to let it remain as pristine as it is today.
We have lots of options for places to see in Hyderabad, and for weekend getaways from Hyderabad, I guess we can leave one out. What do you say?
Do you think I am being selfish? Please give your opinion in the comments.

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  1. by not disclosing where it is i dont think you are necessarily protecting it..many will discover as you yourself did and many of them will pollute it, throw beer bottles and plastic and what disclosing such a wonder you will at least be motivating the serious nature lovers to try and have it declared as a heritage site. yes, you have been selfish..

  2. Just visited the place this morning.. Very calm and beautiful place.. It looks like the place is getting polluted with little bit of garbage in the water..

    But all together a very wonderful place..

  3. Hey! I am so sorry I’ll be going against the entire point of your blog, but please could you mail me the location? I am a really enthusiastic swimmer and I have been looking for good places to swim in hyderabad. There are very few. I have no wish to spoil this place or to share it with anyone else. Please please could you mail me the location??

  4. Last year I went to a place called Gandikota in AndhraPradesh. That place is also hidden and so much beautiful like grandcanyons… Just take a short look:

  5. well atleast hint about its location man…

  6. Bro Just tell the damn name. This is RIDICULOUS. Either you are bull shitting everyone or you are just plain delusional. I would go to that place and not ruin it. So don’t be on such a high horse and spill.

    • Thanks for such a polite comment, actually it does not exist like you mention and I am just delusional and I clicked the picture of my dreams in my dreams.. 😛

  7. Can you Please mail me the address of this place.I want to visit this place.(

  8. Hey,

    This is a beautiful hidden place out there. We have similar place like this near Delhi. It is known as ‘Death Valley’, located near Delhi-Faridabad border. I wish I could share its picture here, but if you Google, you might get some results.

  9. Hi there! It was absolutely the right decision. I recently put up a post on Uttarakhand that will find resonance with your views. If you are interested, you could look it up on my blog No, I am not looking for a cheap way to promote my blog – it’s just that it is a good idea to be in touch with like-minded individuals.

  10. That’s for a good reason, so it’s ok. Wanting to keep a place pristine is a noble thought. 🙂
    It really looks like a beautiful hidden treasure. That water is a little tempting, I must say. I hope it remains clean and green for a long time.

  11. I understand your good intentions, but if you do not like people to spoil the beauty of the location, why did u post the little details here ?

    • Hi Vikram… the reason for posting are two folds… sensitize about the place. Put on record that the place is clean and unoccupied as a proof in case any encroachments happen in future. Also the location details are not given anywhere and it could be anywhere in the Greater Hyderabad area.

  12. Beautiful and pristine. It is good if these treasures remain hidden as we do not know to preserve them or value them.

  13. About the litter it seems to be the same story every where. The good that you all cleaned it.

  14. I think we have something like this near Delhi as well.But it’s an interesting place.

  15. Don’t you think that its an abandoned stone quarry which now has a lot of water filled up due to heavy rains for past few weeks ?

  16. You’re not being selfish. Did the right thing

  17. Keep it hidden.. ppl will spoil it

  18. How beautiful. Durgam Cheruvu was once like that. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Good read about Hidden Canyon.As you said , itz better to be hidden than ruined.

  20. No. You are not being selfish and you are doing good by not revealing the location of this place. Our heritage needs to be protected from our own people and thats the biggest irony.

  21. I would agree with you on it being hidden. but, would very skeptical of being hidden for too long as it is too close to human vicinity.

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