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Terra Real Vegetable Chips – A better snack for Road Trips

Here is a typical start of our family  road  trip.

A night before we will pack everything so that we can leave early morning to avoid the city traffic before we reach the highway.  Just before leaving home wife jee will plead to the kids

“  You should eat something as we want to cover as much distance as possible before we stop for lunch

But the answer is always exactly same

We are not hungry”, this is one of the rare occasion when both the kids agree on something.  

But we will be barely out of city; suddenly a chorus will begin in the car

“Mama, I am hungry “   and if you know children they are never hungry for food they are hungry for some specific food groups like

Chocolate, cookies, greasy potato chips, or something similar that is neither healthy nor has any nutrition value to it except for junk calories.   So as parents of growing kids we are always on a lookout  for easy to carry on travel snacks that are healthy and also tasty for the kids to enjoy with a smile on the face. 

But on this trip, I had a surprise for the kids that I had carefully kept in with me in the car.  So as if on cue the moment we hit the highway, the song started in the car

Mom, I am hungry, Papa can we eat something? “

Any other trip and a war would have started in the car but this time, as I mentioned earlier, your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler was well prepared.

Keeping my eyes firmly on road I asked: “What you do want to eat?”

Pat came the reply “Can we get some chocolates or maybe some chips? “

Hmm no chocolates in the morning but you can have some chips if you sit quietly for 15 minutes without making a noise in the car, I said as I avoided a bullock cart coming from the wrong side early in the morning on our Great Indian Highway.

15 minutes is not a long time unless you are a restless kid in the backseat of the car. As soon as the 15 minutes were over, the kids started their song again, “I am hungry, I need something to eat, where are those chips you promised “

I and Wife jee exchanged a naughty glance (Veg naughty just to clarify before you guys jump to conclusions) , and she handed over a packet of TERRA Real Vegetable Chips. The kids screamed again

Wow colorful chips, they look so different, what are they made of papa ?”

Why don’t you eat and inform, but you can’t read the label” , replied their mom as always taking charge as the real power center of the family.

So the kids who had a different packet each started their munching and will shout from the back

This is crunchy and lemony”, said the younger one, the fussiest eater in our family and our own resident but absolutely brutal food critic, after taking her first bite. Then she closed her eyes and tried to think of what the chip was made of.  Finally, she declared, “ I think it is some vegetable but I am not sure,  But it is yummy

Both I and Wife jee took a sigh of relief and she opened the third packet for us to munch in the front seat.

On looking at our packed the elder one mentioned

Blue Chips ? Papa, what kind of chips are these, can I have a few? I will give you few of mine in exchange

“Me too, I also want blue chips”, said the younger one.  “I can give you red ones from my packed,” she offered.


Thus dear reader on an early morning on a Road trip, our family got introduced to “ Terra Real vegetable chips”  and are now part of our standard healthy and gourmet snack packing list for our trips. 

But why only on travels, we have at times surprised our guests with the colorful yet healthy Terra Chips. My personal favorites are the red ones dipped in beetroot juice giving them beautiful ruby red colors.

Coming back to the road trip when we reached our destination by afternoon, later in the evening we went for a short hike on a hillock near our home stay from where I wanted to click sunset. Wife jee packed 2 packets of Terra chips with her and as I was clicking images they three of them settled near a small pond and started munching on the chips. A game was soon invented. The kids will be asked to close their eyes and the mom will give them a Terra chip. Once the chip was in the mouth the kid was to tell the vegetable the chip was made from. Each right answer entitled them for another chip.

Soon the kids were answering correctly as each of the Terra Chips has a very distinct flavor and taste of the vegetable it is made from. The ones made from Taro comes being crunchier and the ones made from Parsnip ( a relative of carrot ) coming with a distinct tanginess. Those made from sweet potato and Batata ( a kind of sweet potato from Cuba ) tasting slightly sweet.


Besides taste what also I like about the Terra real vegetable chips is that they use a minimum amount of salt and very little oil to fry them. Your hands don’t feel greasy after touching the chips a sure sign that very little oil was used to fry them. As the chips are made from real vegetable they are more nutritious, without any gluten and are made from non-GMO plant sources only. This basically means that none of the plants used to source the veggies for Terra real vegetable chips have been artificially genetically modified. I was happy to read on the packet of Terra chips that they support Seed Savers Exchange, a not for profit organization that encourages the cultivation of heirloom plant varieties to conserve the genetic diversity of our food crops.

Overall everybody in our family has liked the taste, texture, and flavors of Terra Vegetable chips and I can sure recommend them to anybody looking for healthy and gourmet snacking at home or taking something good with you when you travel. That the kids love the colors of chips is a big advantage I feel as a parent without worrying about junk calories.

You can visit here the website of TERRA real vegetable chips or their Facebook page for more information.


Note for the readers: Our first packets of Terra Chips were received complimentary for a product review, the opinion as always is mine. The pictures were clicked at my home. 

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  1. What a great tips! Thank you for sharing such great information. Very inspirational!

  2. Quite and interesting review I would 🙂 through a lovely family story… I will surely try the Chips 🙂 You have beautifully added the unconventional props in the pictures… they give a different aesthetic pleasure…

  3. A healthy option. Love your pictures. You made chips gourmet.

    Wife jee… Alok should learn from you 😀

  4. The pictures are brilliant, very creative I must say. Love the way you contrasted them with different props. Have to get my hands on these chips, crunchy and lemony sounds interesting 😀

  5. Colorful Chips to munch on* on Road-trips ! I am trying this for sure. Loved the pics as usual 🙂

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