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Boats In A Lake: October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar


As we enter October & welcome the festive and travel season let me share the October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, featuring 2 boats in morning mist somewhere in North East India.  Talking about North East India, one of the so-called less explored regions by tourists and travelers alike. I have myself have been only to 4 places in North East India – Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh.  So once travel resumes to the pre-covid days I do hope to travel to more places In North East India and explore the unique culture, beauty, and hospitality of North East India.

free download october 2021 wallpaper calendar

October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

The October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar has been artistically clicked by Manish Lakhani and it features a small lake somewhere in  North East India. Like in the previous calendar image shared by Manish Bhai, here also I am not giving the name and location of the lake as they are not famous tourist spots but someplace that Manish visited during his manny travels sometimes just with his cycle and camera. I think that not knowing the name of the place in the image kind of adds a mysterious charm to the story.


Below are the links to download your free copy of the October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar, from desi Traveler blog. As always the monthly desi Traveler calendar comes in 3 sizes and you can download it by clicking on the size you want and is free to download, share and print for your personal use.

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Free download October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Manish Lakhani

October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar clicked by Manish Lakhani

You are welcome to download, print, and share the October 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Manish Lakhani.

Do check his amazing work on his website >  With Manish 

Which will also take you to his Instagram:  Manish Lakhani On Instagram 

About Manish Lakhani: Manish’s life is driven by the journey and not by the destination, with one foot in the cold desert of Ladakh where he has been going for more than 15 plus years, ( by flight, by road, and even by cycling solo ), he spends a major part of his life in Ladakh traveling with nomads and documenting their life for many years now ( yes much before all those ” Lehed” kind of things became a thing. Manish who is a brand ambassador for Sony Cameras,  also leads various travel photography trips and some of them can be seen here >  Ladakh Photo Tour

Manish is also a contributor to NatGeo | BBC | WWF | Adobe | Lonely Planet & Cyclist etc. 



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  3. Truly awesome pic, Always loved Manish Lakhani ji’s work. Greetings from Assam

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