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Outlife brings Adventure Travel In India

India has not been your conventional adventure travel market, I remember trying all kind of adventure water sports etc in 2000 in Thailand.  Most beaches in India in those days had no option of water sports. Mountaineering etc was restricted to very expensive equipment and was largely done by foreign visitors in Himalayas.

But things started changing about 7-8 years ago and with coming up of Adventure Clubs in India, we learned about the options available in India too.

With the awareness of adventure travel in India in almost all parts of country be it Himalayas or Western Ghats various adventure companies opened up as the last mile solution provider. E.g. if you go to say Salong valley near Manali in Himachal Pradesh you can do paragliding, and typically some local vendor will provide the facility to you.

As a tourist you are totally at their mercy about prices, facilities, safety measures etc.  As most visitors are not aware of the market rates or the world-class facilities for the same activity they go for whatever is available and some time end up in accidents.

Near Manali


These are just two examples of things going wrong, which made to the national media. So clearly there is a case for responsible, safe and affordable adventure travel activities.  The other challenge is lack of information about alternatives and options in adventure traveler both individuals as well as corporate customers and teams who want to break the monotony on the weekends after their stressful week at work. In comes Outlife, a specialized market place for all things adventure.

Outlife was recently started by Diyanat Ali, well-known adventure man and the founder for GHAC, the largest and most active adventure club of India.  The mission on Outlife Adventure is to not only list all adventure services providers in India, but it also wants to leverage expertise developed over years in understanding and conducting adventure activities to check various service providers and evolve some kind of transparent rating and safety system that the adventure seekers can see and help in updating.  The company is in nascent stage but with a proven leadership team that is very passionate about adventure travel and aims at taking Adventure Travel in India to the Global Standards  so that we can also enjoy safe adventure activities no matter which part of India we go to.

Outlife also helps corporate teams break their monotony and develop high performance teams by participation in adventure, Outbound and experiential learning activities all over India.

Rock Climbing Rappelling India

Safety First in any adventure activity

This will also empower the travelers with latest information, prices, safety standards about the adventure activity they want to participate in.

On a parallel note this will also make sure that the last mile service providers are under pressure to keep safety standards high as they know the customers they are  getting are informed and will not let them take for a ride.

I have my good wishes for  Outlife team and am pretty sure they will set up new standards for both adventure seekers as well as service providers.

Do visit the website of Outlife to know more about the offerings and feel free to contact Diyanat with your suggestions or better still booking requests 🙂

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  1. All the best for the awesome project to guys there.

  2. I agree with the safety first argument 200% My best wishes to the company.

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