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Presenting the August 2017 desi Travel Digest From Instagram

woman basket field Spiti India

A woman carrying a basket in Spiti. Pic by Con Ny 

I think an apology is long overdue to all the regular readers of desi Traveler blog as well as the fabulous photographers who have shared their images for the desi Travel Digest regularly. I only have my sloth to be blamed. But as they say better late than never. So dear reader and participating photographers may I present to you the August 2017 desi Travel digest with due apologies for the delay.

Let me begin with the first image that comes from Guwahati and has been shared by passionate photographer and blogger Rupam Sarma, who is one of the most regular readers and commentators on desi Traveler Blog.  I am so happy to share this image of Ganpati as the for this month’s desi Travel digest. This year for Ganpati I was in Mumbai and have shared a few images on my Instagram but the digest is about pictures shared with us so check this wonderful Ganpati from Guwahati.

The next dreamy picture is of St. Paul’s Cathedral, shared by Ankita, a fellow desi Traveler, and lifestyle blogger, check her picture and account by clicking below.
Our next image is from coastal Karnataka but has arrived all the way from US of A, and is shared by D.Nambiar.  You should check her account for pictures both from India and USA as she juggles between the two countries with her family. This picture is also a reminder to me that Karnataka is only one of the 2 states of mainland India where I have not been on the coast. So I need to plan my journeys to coastal Karnataka asap to reach closer to my dream of visiting every single coastal state of mainland India.
In the next picture D E E P A S H R I shares the everyday life as seen on the great desi highways. We the desi people have our own way of travel sometimes adventurous but mostly bordering on dangerous.
Let me take you once again near the city of pearls Hyderabad with the camera of Rahul Basu, who shares this picture from the Ananthagiri Hills. Just 90 KM outside of Hyderabad, the Ananthagiri hills take you back to the times when this area was a pristine jungle with clean free-flowing rivers.
In the next image, Meena Thiruvengadam gives her a glimpse of the historical city of St. Petersberg. Your visit to Russia is not complete if you have not been to St. Petersburg, truly a city of many folklores and where the battle for Russia has been fought more than once. I have never been to Russia but like all travelers/dreamers, I hope to be there one of these days.
In the next image, by Tabish Shaikh shares this almost eerie picture clicked on a rainy night from inside of a car on a road trip.  This is also the first picture from across the border from Pakistan being shared on desi Traveler blog. I hope you have read my blog post about Wagah Border & Train to Pakistan?
The next 2 images are from German Photographer, traveler, and Indophile Con Ny . She was recently in Spiti and have shared images from the middle land or Spiti. the first cover image of a woman carrying basket on her back is also clicked by her in Spiti. The first image is from a local chai shop and the second one is a horse roaming freely in the valley near Chandra Tal before he is summoned by the masters for work. Check more of her work by clicking on the images and may  I suggest especiallylly see her images of India.
The very special next image of a kid in anklets on a beach is shared by travel blogging pioneer in India Dr. Mridula Dwivedi. It is a matter of great honor for me for her to participate in my desi Traveler hashtag initiative and I can not thank her enough for her support.
Aayushi Yadav shares this bright yellow Beetle from South Bombay. This vibrant image clicked by framing the Beetle between two window frames instantly got my attention when it appeared on my timeline and was one of the first images shortlisted for this edition of the digest.
The _2ghummakar_ team shares this poster-worthy image of Gadisar Lake from Jaisalmer Rajasthan. Gargi & Manish are sharing some fabulous images on their Instagram from every day as well as Incredible India, check them out by clicking on the image below.

I  hope you like this latest edition of desi Travel digest with images taken from Instagram, clicked and shared by fellow travelers and photographers from around the world.  I am happy to share we have more and more people sharing their images using #desiTraveler hashtag and if you would like to be featured here on desi Traveler blog please go ahead follow me on Instagram and use and tag desi Traveler. You never know you may be featured on my nikku pikku, chinna pilla bunty bubbly travel blog. Bring them on, and let us travel the globe together.

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  1. Happy, Happy, Happy!
    Thanks again, Prasad.

    And that’s another great collection. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my click on your blog.
    Loved the post and all pics. Greetings.

  3. Fabulous pictures and beautifully collated, as always. I was waiting for August’s Travel Digest and finally it’s here. Loved the ‘Rasta aur India’ picture the most. 🙂

  4. What a stunning collection of pictures! Capturing a moment that speaks a thousand words is truly commendable.

  5. Happy to see my photo featured! 😀 And enjoyed the entire collection too!

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