travel tips to Rajasthan a land of palaces, forts, sand dunes, camels, colors and exotic food

Oct 092012
The Cunning Fox of Tal Chhapar Rajasthan

Observing Animal Behaviour in Wild- Encounter between a Fox & an Eagle  The Cunning Fox Ever since our childhood, we keep on reading about the smaller carnivores of the jungles of India. The Wolf is portrayed as a ruthless killer, the jackal as sly, and the hyena as despicable all stereotypes worthy of further debate and investigation. But it is the fox that takes a special place in jungle lore and has maximum stories dedicated to her. From the fox that could not reach the sour grapes to the Chalak Lomdee ( चालाक लोमड़ी or The Clever Fox) in Aesop’s fables. Then [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 082012
Tal Chapar-Rajasthan for Bird Watching

  Tal Chapar: A Hidden Birding Paradise in  Rajasthan   Tal Chapar in Rajasthan a bird watching trip If you are ready to look beyond the forts, and palaces and tigers of Rajasthan then Tal Chapar ( also spelled Tal Chhapar) is for you. Tal what? You may ask an obvious question as Tal Chappar is still not an on the tourist circuit unless you are a raptor from Central Asia from countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,   Russia etc. Tal Chappar is to bird watching what Ranthambore and Jim Corbett are to tiger spotting. Situated in a hidden corner of [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 052012
Train To Rajasthan

  As I mentioned in the previous post that I was traveling to Tal Chapar wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan. I had to travel to Ratangarh from Delhi in order to reach Chapar, so I decided to take a train and booked my tickets online using Indian Railways online ticket booking website. Now Rajasthan most people relate to three things Forts, Palaces and dunes in desert forgetting there are many more wonders that Rajasthan has to offer, and I will cover one such hidden gem of Rajasthan in this series. This Delhi-Bikaner route till about a decade ago used to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]