Apr 302015
May 2015 Calendar- Download Desktop Wallpaper

  May 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper : Houseboat in backwaters of Kerala There is no if but or may, as May is already looking at us in face and telling us to be ready for the Heat and Dust. In most of North India we will experience dust storms, loo and an acute shortage of water and electricity.  May is also the month when we are ready to pack our bags and head for our summer vacations. But like I say many times for people like me summer vacations mostly meant visiting relatives, specially your grandparents if you lived [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 212015
Human Elephant Conflict: Watching Wild Elephants in Wayanad NH 212

Wild Elephant Watching in Wayanad Kerala Wayanad in Kerala has some of the densest forest in India and is home to a variety of birds and animals. Though many of hills are stripped of their natural cover to make way for coffee and tea plantation there are still stretches where sunlight finds it arduous to reach forest floor.  This belt of Wayanad, Madumalai, Bandipur and nearby other national parks like Nagarhole, Kabini, Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary, BRT etc. are all part of Nilgiri Biosphere and  a very important biodiversity hotspot. National Geographic Magazine in one of its studies mentions that [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 202015
Shopping In Ajmer Sharif

  A desi Guide on What to buy in Ajmer Sharif No desi Trip is complete without some shopping, even if I don’t buy too many things, I just love to have a look in shops to find out what my desi brothers and sisters ( or may be more of sisters) are buying. Our visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah was no exception from a shopping point of view and as always I learnt a few things on this trip to Ajmer while shopping in Ajmer Sharif also. Now Ajmer Sharif is a major pilgrimage center visited by followers of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 172015
Ajloun Forest Reserve: Eco Tourism With Wild Jordan

Eco Tourism in Jordan: The Wild Jordan Experience in Ajloun Forest Reserve My trip to Jordan was an eye opener in many ways, the first was the myth that Jordan as part of Middle East would not be safe to travel. But if you have read my post “Yes I Visited Jordan & Love to Tell The Tale“, then you will realize how peaceful and friendly Jordanian people are. The second myth was that as Jordan is in Middle East I will have a hard time finding good vegetarian food in Jordan. But if you have read my post [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 092015
A Volkswagen Kombi in Koh Samui

Hippie Trail and a restored Volkswagen Kombi Chalo lets us continue our love affair with nostalgia, this time from remembering old scooters let us go the Volkswagen Kombi, that literally carried a whole generation from Europe and beyond all the way to Kathmandu via countries like Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, crossing into Pakistan and then India. A whole subculture of Hippies developed in isolated pockets like Goa, Manali, Chitral and Kathmandu etc. Not just in Hollywood and Europe there were movies dedicated to the same even in India with Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman playing brother and sister in Hare [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 072015
Sentimental over Scooters

Stories of Scooters : Once upon a time the Steed of Indians There are cat people and dog people. There are sanghis and sickulars.  There are the VIP (Vadhera Important People) of Congress and then Mango People of AAP. And once upon a time there were Bikers and Scooter Wallahs, till the bikers won and the good old scooter joined the history textbooks with T Rex, and the Neanderthals. The Scooter is DEAD, Long Live The Scooter. I was never a biker, I guess I skipped youth and straight away jumped to a desi Old Man. When all my friends [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 052015
Announcing Next batch of Eco-Volunteer Training at Bhadra Tiger Reserve

    Next Batch of Eco Volunteer Training by Karnataka Forest Department Dear readers here is information about the next batch of Eco-Volunteer training by Karnataka Forest Department in Bhadra Tiger Reserve. The program is conducted by Karnataka Forest Department in association with Jungle Lodges and Resort. Here is some useful information for the Eco Volunteer Training Program Batch for May 2015 Location: Muthodi Nature Camp, Bhadra Tiger Reserve Batch I: 11 to 16th May 2015 Batch II : 16th to 21 May 2015 Batch II : 21 to May 26 May 2015 Cost will be 7800 all-inclusive for dormitory 10500, [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 032015
Women in Leadership of GHAC in Adventure and Travel

Women in Leadership: For Leadership is not gender specific It was not easy being a leader in India of yesterday. Be it politics, big business or various Woods like Bolly, Tolly, Molly you needed the right gene pool to stake your claim to the kingdom your grandpa formed,  making them all  Robin Hood, who took away from talented and distributed the loot among cousins. Things got tougher if you had an abundance of X chromosomes, as  your shot at leadership or breaking the glass ceiling was even tougher with 2X chromosomes.  Time and again we saw parents choosing a moronic [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 012015
Vegetarian Jordanian Food Culture: A Guide For Vegetarians Traveling In Jordan

 Vegetarian Jordanian Cuisine : Love at first bite As I announced my Jordan trip, one of the friends teased me that I will not get anything vegetarian to eat in Jordan as it is an Arab Country and people only eat meat. Guess what who had the last laugh? Your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler had never enjoyed more vegetarian delicacies outside of India than in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The whole Jordanian cuisine is a pleasant, colorful, and fragrant surprise for vegetarians and most of it is wonderful not just for your taste buds but also for your [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 272015
Best Mexican Food in India

desi enjoys the best Mexican Food  by Chef Zahie and Chef Gerardo OK Cross your heart and say” Kasam Puranee Dilli kay Khane Kee I will not google the answer “ ( Swear that you will not search Google for Answer ) Good Now let me ask  you this What comes to your mind when you think of Mexican Food? Well if you are like most of us you will say Tortillas Fajitas Tacos Beans Rice And then will start wondering what all the fuss is about? After all is that not what Mexican food all about ? Well [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]