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desi Travel Digest March – Photographers Who Create Magic

For me, photography is something magical, mystical that gives the photographer immense power. This power is not something negative like the word is normally associated with. But the power photographers command is something very creative that brings out the very best in both the subject as well as the artist, in front of the world that lesser mortals  like me who are tone-deaf equivalent of photography are totally mesmerized by. And look at the images created by these magicians behind the shutter and just say WOW!

So dear readers in this edition of desi Travel digest for the month of March I share with you some of the photographers whose inspiring work will make you wonder, “ How did he / she does it, every single time”

Now as always the only logic of including them in my list is that I follow and love their work, but I do hope that you will enjoy their creations equally. I have been closely associated with some of them and know them personally, but in most cases I have followed their work before I knew them and got in touch with them because I was already a fanboy! Others I hope to meet one of these days in near future.  Needless to say I in-spite of my tone-deaf equivalent of photographic eye, I have learned a lot by observing their work.

So without much ado let me share some of the inspiring photographers that I follow in different genres:

Arun Bhat

Arun is one of the most seasoned travel writer and photographer in India, he is also one of those rare travel bloggers who has successfully carved a career out of his love for travel. He writes very less nowadays and focuses more on creating beautiful images from the Himalayas to Myanmar. His series on Buddhist monks and the bond between domesticated Elephants and their Mahouts are stuff legends are made of.    You can follow his work on his personal site Painted Stork and on Instagram here

Among his many accomplishments and awards , he is also a winner of prestigious global photography award from  HIPA – Life in Colour Category award for 2014-15

Kaushal Parikh

I think street photography is one of the most amazing and challenging forms of photography. Every day, every street corner, every person in the street can be your subject as well as a distraction in your frame. It is not easy to be a street photographer and I am not exaggerating that real masters of street photography can be counted on fingers, and I am talking globally. So it gives me immense privilege to share that one of the most accomplished street photographer Kaushal Parikh was kind enough to agree to be part of this travel digest. Kaushal is a street, travel and documentary photographer based in Mumbai, India. He quit the corporate world in 2006 to pursue photography full-time. In 2011, he founded the street photography collective That’s Life. If you want to understand the magic and the power I talked about in the first paragraph of this post, that photographers enjoy look no further check some of the images created by Kaushal.  If you are serious about your photography I would suggest you go ahead and get a copy of his recently published book Fragments of a Spinning Rock , that has some of his selected images that take you into the world around us, rarely seen, leave aside interpreted by most of us.

Street Photography Kaushal Parikh

Some paint with brush, Kaushal paints with Light

You can follow his work on his Website – http://www.kaushalp.com/ and buy the book from this direct link

Fragments of a Spinning Rock

Kaushal also  blogs at  https://kaushalpar.wordpress.com/ and shares his Street Photography images on  Instagram  kaushalpar

Ed Kashi

Ed is a photojournalist and travels around the world covering topics as diverse as local communities celebrating festivals, to conflict and wars.  His work has been featured in every prestigious magazine, newspaper and galleries around the world. But here I want to showcase his work that he does use his simple mobile phone.

From his website: Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker, and educator dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship to his subjects are signatures of his work. A member of VII Photo Agency since 2010, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition.

Kashi’s images have been published and exhibited worldwide, and his editorial assignments and personal projects have generated seven books.

Even though the best of equipment is  available to him he regularly updates his Instagram account with pictures clicked using a mobile phone. I think there cannot be a better example of creativity and art not being dependent on equipment than Ed Kashi and the pictures he shares on his Instagram. Here I am sharing picture of a man in a bright yellow jacket that he clicked and showed the process in one of his online workshops On Creative Live:  Story Telling With Mobile Photography

Deeba Rajpal

When the biggest chef’s in this country need to showcase their culinary creations they speed dial Deeba Rajpal. Now Deeba has a unique gift, she can make even the humblest of ingredients from raw spices to most elaborately decorated cake gorgeous Her work as a food photographer, stylist and blogger have appeared in TV Shows, magazines of international repute, adorned newspapers books and advertisements. Deeba connects with the ingredients she works with like a potter connects with clay and a painter connects with colors. For her each ingredient has its own distinct personality and when consumed should enrich your mind-body and soul. She believes in working with seasonal produce sourced locally and her love for her craft is visible in the pictures she shares with us. Here I am giving one of her creations to give you some idea of what magic she creates with her food and  pictures.  Follow her on Instagram and  on Passionate About Baking

Anurag Jetly

 Without much ado, all I would like to say is watch this Time Lapse Video created by Anurag and his team. Dill / Delhi  / Dehli will never be the same for you  once you have watched this labor of love created over months in Delhi, not only fighting bureaucracy aka babudom but also rogue monkeys in Tughlakabad fort.  For most of the photographers the work is over with the click of a button with, or maybe was followed by some post processing, but when you are making a time-lapse you take thousands of pictures, one click at a time and then work on them for hours, weeks and even months to create a 5 minute Time Lapse video. The result ? If you are a master craftsman and an artist like Anurag you create pure magic. Watch the video below and check some of his other work on his website.

So dear readers, with this we come to an end of this edition of desi Travel digest, do share your views in the comments section and go ahead follow these photographers, who with each click capture souls and create magic. Just following their images will be a great way to learn and take your photography to next level irrespective of the genre or equipment you use.

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  1. Photography is an art. Not many can tell a story with a single shot. All these people you’ve mentioned are super talented. I love your pictures too.

  2. Nice compilation Prasad!
    Photos do not have words but they speak so much 🙂

  3. Great idea!
    Awesome edition of Desi Digest.

  4. All of them are so inspiring in their own ways! Wow!

  5. Amazing pics! I’m a fan of Deeba, too 🙂

  6. Great list Prasad! Thanks for introducing us to these people, some of whom I hadn’t heard of before!

  7. Surely following these great photographers will be a learning journey through pictures. It is nice to know that you are associated with them personally, after being a fanboy.

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