May 262017

The All-New Crowd Sourced desi Travel Digest from Instagram

When I wrote the post aboutWhat Happened On desi Traveler Blog In 2016 “, besides a few good things, I also shared two of my pain areas namely Instagram and the comatose desi Travel digest.  So I decided to take both of them head on with help of all the desi Travelers out there. Those of you who are regular here will remember that the desi Travel Digest was my personal picks of all the blog posts I read on the net and then shared them here.  Unfortunately, due to many reasons ( mainly laziness ), I could not continue the digest regularly.

Anyways long story short so I decided my Achilles heel i.e. my Instagram and the desi Travel Digest and combined the two. So the idea is very simple and nothing great. Some of the followers of desi Traveler blog and Instagram were using the #desiTraveler hashtag on Instagram and tagging me. Now those of you who are familiar with the #hashtag story on Instagram will know that it is a great way of discovering new accounts on Instagram & soon I was introduced to many wonderful Instagrammers. Many of the biggest Instagram accounts around the globe are built around community contribution where the aggregator showcases best images of people following them and using a particular hashtag. So here at desi Traveler, I decided to do the same and invited folks on Instagram to follow me and use #desiTraveler. This way I hope to build the community of desi Travelers around the world and also revive the desi Travel digest.

For the first ” All New Crowd Sourced Desi Travel Digest”, I am sharing pictures from various Instagram accounts that have used the #desiTraveler.  The images appear in no particular order or preference and are simply a function of when I found them. I like each of these images equally. So please go ahead check these Instagrammers who also happen to be desi Travelers wandering around the world sharing their travel stories with all of us.

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  1. This is really awesome and interesting post. Amazing description, & thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us, Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

  2. Such a novel idea, a cool one at that.
    Can anybody use the #desitraveler to qualify for these digests? I mean even people you’ve already discovered. 😉

  3. Thank you Prasad for this compilation and for all the warm words and comments. Whatever I have achieved, little or more, is thanks to my parents and especially to Ma. I owe it all to her and her unconditional love and sacrifice. I am glad her story touched a chord. Thrilled to be part of this gallery and series.

  4. Oh wow! I loved this edition of your digest, Prasad. I will be sure to follow some of these folks. My favourites were the first picture and the mother and daughter one. 🙂

  5. Such a wonderful post, each image celebrating the myriad joys of travel in a peculiar way. Thank you for featuring mine, delighted to see My Yatra Diary… in the first edition of desi insta digest 🙂

  6. Nice initiative, Prasad ji.

  7. The Matka picture is great!

  8. Wonderful compilation. Great work

  9. Thanks Prasad for putting my picture here 🙂 So happy. I loved reading this digest format.

  10. I remember the day when you posted about this Travel Digest idea on your Instagram Profile and at that very instance, I told you that how much I loved the concept. It’s amazing to see how wonderfully people responded to the idea. Also, am glad you liked the pic and gave such lovely feedback for it. Your appreciation truly means a lot for any travel and photography enthusiast.

    Thanks a heap for the feature! Loved all the entries too. 🙂

  11. So Glad to be a part of this Beautiful Series. All the Pics above here bring a Huge Huge 😀 Yay! super happy to be on Desitraveler Blog. Thanks for the Honour!

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