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Around The World With desi Traveler Digest July 2018 Edition

Crossing Brahmaputra by Boat

Crossing Brahmaputra by Boat – Image by Rupam Sarma

As is now the unhealthy tradition, the July edition of desi Traveler digest is also late and I am now even out of excuses. So without much excuses, ladies and gentlemen may  I present the July 2018 desi Traveler edition crowdsourced from Instagram with help of fellow desis who have been kind enough to use participate in the same.
The very first image has come from another side of the world from California & shared by Divya Nambiar or Dee as she is better known in the world of travelers. A warm welcome to Dee, and so good to see her here on desi Traveler digest after a long time. Totally in awe of this waterfall and yes I did notice that secondary fall coming out at the lower level, though only after I read the caption.  Hope to see her more often here on desi Traveler.
The next two images are from our regular participant Manali Mane,  as she shares two very different images, one a street art from  Seattle, but the photographer #ChavezKumar captures the image in an artistic way, taking it to the next level. The second image is what fuels my wanderlust to pack bags and visit West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellow stone. Kudos to #ChavezKumar for these images.
Agni & Amrita take us on the mystical Roopkund trek in Uttrakhand and share the two images that can give a high on anybody who likes to trek in the Himalayas. The first image even has the mysterious human skeletons that Roopkund is known for.
The second image by Agni & Amrita is of a mysterious forest as some sheep pass in front of us, the absence of the shepherd in the frame and the fog in the background makes this picture absolutely mystical.
In the next image traveler, Sushmita Sarkar takes us to Wadi Rum in Jordan but she shares a very different image where we are shown tattoos inspired by Wanderlust.  There is some connection between Tattoos & Travelers I guess. BTW if you have not been following her this is the right time as she is running a giveaway of Jordan Souvenirs on her Instagram. Just click on the profile lin on the image below by shared by Sushmita.
Let me once again welcome our regular desi Traveler Saumy Nagayach,  who is taking us to the Tribal Museum in Bhopal. Don’t just see the first image and move on, check all the images in this slideshow and you have a feast of tribal culture, arts & crafts awaiting you from the heart of India Madhya Pradesh.
Our next desi Traveler calls herself “That Flying Brown Bird” or That girl – 그 여자 – Bdeshini,  I am not sure what is written in Korean between That Girl and Bdeshini, but I do know that Bdeshini kind of means a woman who travels to far of lands or belongs to a foreign land. Maybe one day we will learn how these exotic names came, till then enjoy the image straight out of a fairy tale.
Our next traveler is Maisha, who goes by @maisha_s_  on Instagram and is sharing an image from St. John, New Brunswick. I would like to welcome Maisha, and hope she continues to share here travel stories with readers of desi Traveler.
The next image is by Moon S. and she takes us to this remote and one of the most beautiful and not very safe travel spot in Nusa Penida is the angel ‘s Billabong. Absolutely not safe during the high tide. Read the rest in the caption of her image below and let us wish her safe travels.
Our fellow traveler from Germany Nelli takes us to the lake named after Moon or Chandratal in Spiti. If you remember the August Calendar for desi Traveler features horses I clicked next to Chandratal, and here by a stroke of luck we have another image from Chandratal.
Talking of horses, we have this beautiful horse clicked by Riya Joshi. The horse is munching on some Himalayan weeds. I think there is something in these Himalayan weeds that these horses and mules can carry heavy loads even in the rarified air of high altitude Himalayas. I hope some scientists work on finding the secrets behind these herbs/weeds of Himalayas.
I think most readers forgot that I am trying to do a theme around Monsoons for the July digest. Well, thanks a lot to Arpa Ghosh, Ayushi Yadav and Rupam Sarma we have a few images that capture the beauty of Indian Monsoons and share with our readers. The first image is by Arpa Ghosh, who shares this handheld ( WOW !) long exposure of a waterfall formed on the road due to heavy rains.
Our longtime regular desi Traveler, but missing for some time from the desi Traveler digest Ayushi Yadav shares this image of the green western ghats near Tikona Fort. The greenery and the clouds in these mountains will make you never want to come back.
Featured Traveler Of the Month:  I am very happy to share that I want to feature Rupam Da, from Assam as the featured traveler of the month. All those active in travel blogging world in India are familiar with his work where he shares day to day, yet amazing moments from North East India in general and Assam in particular. Rupam Da is one of the inspiration for all travel bloggers including me and his work that ranges from portraits to landscapes, to street scenes has a natural flow and represents the true Incredible India as seen by his eyes. I want to thank him once again for sharing his images and being a constant supporter for all things desi Traveler has initiated be it the desi Traveler digest or the annual calendar.
The below two images, as well as the cover image for this post, are all clicked by Rupam Da and I strongly suggest you check his Travel Blog as well as Instagram and follow him for your daily dose of Travel Photography,

With this, I would like to thank all the travelers who have shared their images using #desiTraveler on Instagram. If you would like to join the monthly desi Traveler digest just follow & tag @desiTrvaeler using #desiTraveler on Instagram. Yes, it is that simple. 



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