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Jordan Travel Experiences

Evolution is the essence of life and those who do not evolve join dinosaurs. We travelers too continue to evolve over our journeys, for there is no better teacher than travel. While some time I say I am an MBBS MD traveler just to showcase how different travelers like to bracket themselves, today I want to delve a bit more serious topic.

In last few years I found that experiential travel makes me the happiest and more engaged with the places and people I visit.  Let me try to explain starting as a typical tourist I was happy to pose in front of a monument then quickly moving to the next destination. I was your typical checklist kind of tourist traveling to well know spots, no more. I now actively seek experiences that are unique, authentic and make me connect with the people and places I am visiting.  I chatted with many locals on the streets of Jordan and almost everybody informed me how much they love Bollywood movies and their favorite movie star is  Shahrukh Khan. This old man even posed for me as he wanted to make sure his Hindi friend can take some memories home.

old man bollywood fan

This Old Man danced and posed for me and called me his Hindi Friend

There are many ways to experience a place,  and not go to a fine dine touristy restaurant I prefer to eat where the locals go or learn how to cook local food.  I may not buy any factory made souvenirs from the places I visit but I sure am interested in learning about how the locals continue their tradition of making specific handicrafts that only they know how to make.

Jordanian food cooking class

Learning to make Jordanian Food

During my recent visit to Jordan I was very keen to learn about the local Bedouin culture and chatted with our camera herder to understand a few things about their life. While my friends were busy clicking pictures of sunset, I while admired the sunset was more focused on chatting with the camel herder and learn a few things about life in desert.  It was while chatting with the camel herder I realized how close a bond he shares with his camel as he lovingly made him drink water from a bottle.  And no I did not miss the sunset 🙂 as you see in the picture below.

camel herder giving water to camel

A Bedouins’ best friend is his Camel and he gets to drink water from the bottle like a baby

camel in sunset wadi rum jordan

Camels in sunset Wadi Rum Jordan

Experiential travel for me is all about a very personalized, intimate and slow meet that soaks me in local sights, smells and sounds. No point in rushing through things or walking with a check list without savoring the flavors. I would have never known that bagpipes are so popular in Jordan that you may think it is a Jordanian musical instrument. No musical  function, or dance performance is complete in Jordan without a bagpipes. Many Bedouins actually believe that bagpipes are from Jordan as they have played it since childhood . 🙂

Bedouin men playing bagpiper and drums in Jerash Jordan

You will think Bagpiper is a Jordanian Musical Instrument

In conjunction with Byond Travel a Bangalore based very innovative travel company I worked on my personalized experience and designed an intimate travel experience to Jordan. The idea was to share my own experience with readers of desi Traveler and let them savor the best experiences in Jordan . To create this experience I went through all the places I have visited in Jordan and then came up with the best that I liked a lot. I have tried to include the best of Jordan that one must visit, but it also has some lesser know places as well as tips on how to enjoy your trip the most.

You can check it here  (http://bynd.tl/JordanNP) The best part is Byond travel  is offering a free travel credits worth Rs 6000 on the package to readers of desi Traveler for a limited time period, so go ahead and plan your trip to Jordan. Claim your credits here http://bynd.tl/dTRefer

Besides Jordan Byond travel can work out a specific customized experience for you to any of the places that are mentioned on Byond. Their product portfolio is here: http://bynd.tl/welcomeDT. Again, there is travel credit of up to Rs. 6000 for readers of desi Traveler. So remember to claim your credit asap.

How Byond is different from your regular travel company:

  1. Curation : The team at Byond brings over a 100 years of combined experience working with the best suppliers globally. With an absolute focus on delivering the most memorable customer experiences, their community of travel experts, writers, bloggers and industry professionals help create the best itineraries all over the world
  2. End-to-end customized and personalized itineraries: Byond offers 100% customizable travel holidays suited to needs and interests
  3. Focus on special interest group travels in addition to individual travel: Byond brings together groups of like-minded travellers together. This includes all women groups, adventure travels, self-drive road trips, photography trips (if you’re a woman traveler, Byond is organizing an all women’s exclusive sojourn to Jordan mid-October)

As you can see each experience is unique and takes into consideration various needs of different travelers and can be further customized if needed.

women with flowers

Tear your check list, sit back relax and smell the flowers

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post! and beautiful pictures I must say. I like history and Jordan is a place to visit on my list. Your post made me move Jordan a few notches up on my list.
    Keep traveling and writing such wonderful posts 🙂

  2. I could understand what you meant with experiential travel now that I am gradually evolving too as a traveler. Initially I used to be in a rush to capture almost everything from one place to another but now I look for human connect and small little stories.

    Whenever I read about Jordan in your posts, I feel its culture is quite close to Oman. Of course I too wanna visit it soon.

  3. Being one such fan of the same, I can so empathize with you on experiential travel. It is experiencing the locals, be it food, people or culture. And yes, sunset is just awesome. 🙂

  4. Ohhh … with so many Jordan posts going around …. I want to visit Jordan so badly

    Good to hear that Byond is organizing a trip in mid-october 🙂 And it seems Shahrukh khan is quite famous , even people in Malaysia love him 😀


  5. some lively pictures 🙂

  6. Interesting post… and now that i have been to Jordan, I know what you are saying. 🙂

    Arvind Passey

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