Jan 262015

Low Light Photography: Capturing Fountains in Lutyens’ Zone near India Gate

When I visited India Gate while circling around the endless circles of Lutyens Delhi I saw some of the fountains illuminated for the coming 26th January Festivities. We decided to park on the side of road and I calculated the time the traffic signal was taking to change. It was about 120  seconds between the lights change. But as the traffic was coming from all four directions I typically had about 60 seconds to rush to the middle of road, set up the tripod, compose and click the pictures in long exposure, continuously hoping that no drunk driver will come from somewhere jump the traffic signal and break my camera setup in the middle of road. Not only I had to worry about the drunk drivers but also about the policemen on duty who were wondering what kind of an Idiot I am to set up the tripod in the middle of the road between signal change and click the pictures. I told the gentleman policeman ( yes there are gentleman policemen also ),– सर जी फोटो खींचन दो, फिर आप खुद ही समझ जाओगे कोंसी टाइप का बावला हूँ मैं!  ( Translation: Sir jee photo kheenche do, phir aap khud hee samjh jaoge konsee type kaa bawla hoon main – Sir please allow me to click pictures once I have clicked the pictures you will understand what kind of an idiot I am. )

Anyways between running with my tripod in the middle of the road, setting up, composing and clicking in long exposure mode with slow shutter speeds up to 30 seconds, and my prayers to almighty about drunken drivers the results are below.

Fountain Low Light india gate (5)


The rest of the images of fountains in Lutyens’ Zone can be checked by clicking the picture gallery below.


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  1. I hope you showed the picture to the policeman, and he would have then praised you ☺️

  2. Hi I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I like your work. http://travelingnoodles.com/2015/01/29/one-lovely-blog-award/

  3. wow! this is so colourful and beautiful 🙂

  4. Wow! The pictures are spellbinding. You are amazing at photography, Prasad.

  5. So worth it!

  6. Hi. I like the pics. So bloody good. Keep doing this.

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