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So we are in the last month of 2020, that by any account has nothing similar in the past nor hopefully we will see something similar in the future. Am I glad or what, that we are closer to the end of 2020 ? I am sure anybody reading this post will have a similar feeling. So it is appropriate that in the last month of 2020 I am sharing an image of Sunrise for the December 2020 Wallpaper Calendar,  that hopefully will be a new dawn for 2021. We still have the full month of December 2020 and I just want to pray that it remains peaceful without any more deterioration in Covid 19 situation and we get that Vaccine as soon as possible.

A little bit more about the December 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that features some Seagulls that arrive on Yamuna Ghat from as far as Central Asia and even beyond. I actually feel sorry about these Seagulls as the water in Yamuna is filthy at best and raw sewage in the stretch where most of the photographers click them.

I am not sure  how many of the seagulls fall sick or die by taking food thrown into the dirty Yamuna Waters, but I do hope we clean up our act before it is too late. 

These Seagulls are our annual guests and can be seen in most of North and Central India and  maybe even further down south during the winter months.  I have myself seen them in Delhi, Varanasi, Denwa near Satpura National Park etc. Please do comment where all you have spotted these migratory Seagulls in India.

Coming back to our December 2020 Wallpaper Calendar that features migratory Seagulls at Yamuna Ghat in Delhi, the calendar is now live on the blog and you can download it in high resolution using the download links below.

Here are the download links to the free December 2020 Wallpaper Calendar in high resolution. The calendar is available in 3 sizes each in high resolution good enough to make your wallpaper as well as take high-quality printouts. To download the free December Wallpaper Calendar just click on the links below and save as per your need.

2100 PX

1600 PX

1024 PX

Free download December 2020 Wallpaper Calendar Yamuna Ghat Seagulls Sunrise
Sunrise at Yamuna Ghat Delhi with Seagulls and Boat

Feel free to download, print, share these images for your personal use, you are welcome to share them further with your friends and family, with anybody who enjoys travel.  May I also request you to tag me on Instagram on your images of places you would love to visit once we return to safer times and I would love to share them in my stories? Just tag me @desiTraveler and use #desiTraveler for me to discover your images.

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  4. Excellent write up by you.I will be obliged if you allow mw to write my experiences as a guester writer.

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