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The Starlit Pool  Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan on January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper


Happy New Year to all the readers of desi Traveler 🙂 May you travel far and wide in 2018 and yet have cherished meals and memories with your loved ones, thus giving you best of both worlds. I have been waiting for 2018 to come soon, not because I did not like 2017 but because I was traveling constantly for last 10 + days while fighting a bout of viral that gave me a severe cough as a  parting gift.  So while I was traveling from the desert of Bikaner and then to the Little Rann of Kutch, the dust in the deserts did not help with a cough and I could not wait to come back home. Finally, I was home late last night just in time to welcome 2018 with my family & the cough vanished like magic 🙂

Ok enough of my medical and travel bulletin let us talk a bit about the  January 2018 desktop calendar that you can download for free from desi Traveler blog. This picture is one of the many I clicked at the starlit pool of Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan a heritage, luxury palace hotel. This was my second visit to Lakshman Sagar with the specific purpose to click star trails. While this picture does not show the start trails it is a part of more than 1000 images I clicked over extremely cold nights.  A detailed post on the same is pending and I will soon write a blog post about ” How To Click Star Trails”  In brief, you click multiple images of stars with a subject in the foreground and later merge them using a specialized software. The resulting image leads to the creation of star trails in the final image.

While I work on the tutorial on How To Click Star Trails, you are welcome to download the January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper my monthly gift to all the readers of desi Traveler blog.

How to Download the January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper for the desktop?

Well, the process to download the January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper for desktop is super easy, just right-click on the image size you want to download and save it on your computer and make it your wallpaper. The January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper featuring the starlit pool of Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan comes in 3 sizes and you can pick the size you want.

The 3 sizes for absolutely free download of January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper are

2100 px wide

1600 px wide

1024 px wide


Free download January 2018 Calendar Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan India

January 2018 Calendar – Starlit Pool Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan


May I also request you to share the same with your friends and family so that if they want they can also download the January 2018 calendar wallpaper that features one of the most exotic swimming pool in the world that was chiseled out of a hilltop next to the Zanana Mahal of Lakshman Sagar in Pali district, Rajasthan India. 

Once again thanks a lot for reading my little hobby travel blog where I try to share my love for travel, photography, and nature with the readers. I can not express in words how much your reading this little blog means to me, without you reading this blog it will be just me singing in the bathroom. Your shares, your likes and your comments are the fuel that desi Travelers run on, do keep coming back and I promise to share more and more travel stories with you. Once again wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2018 🙂 Keep Traveling and keep discovering the world and a bit of yourself in the process.


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🙂 🙂 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Perfectly balanced shot!!!

  2. Calendar looks really great. That lake seems to be exotic. Thanks and have a great year ahead

  3. What a perfect picture!
    Happy New 2018 DesiTraveler.

  4. Such a magical photo to ring in the new year with the stars and the lake, it’s surreal. Thank you for all your wonderful stories in 2017, I enjoyed my time reading desi Traveler. Wish you a very happy and successful 2018!

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful desiTraveler calendar 2018.
    Best wishes for 2018.

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