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Pasir Timbul Beach- Where Magic Happens on November 2017 Calendar Wallpaper


Have you have watched this movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” in one of the sequels, the hero dies but with one wish that he is to meet his beloved once a year on a special occasion when the heavens and earth meet and dawn and dusk hug and fire and ice dance or something similar. Net-net magic types happens once a year on that island and you need to be dead to be there. But as I am not very fond of being dead I decided to never go in search of that treasure island where even if you reach alive Pirates work overtime to make sure you are dead. But lucky me I found a magic island where you can go while still alive.  I gave a big sigh of relief when I learned about Pasir Timbul or the Magic Beach Island that emerges from the sea on all low tide days and vanishes as the tide goes high again.

So where is Pasir Timbul you may wonder?

Well, Pasir Timbul is tough to locate as there are no landmarks ( remember it is a magic island cum beach ) but once you know where it is, you just need a 20-minute speedboat ride to be there with an experienced captain like we had on our boat from  Raja Ampat Beach Resort where we were staying thanks to our wonderful hosts Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.

So long story short, a detailed blog post on Pasir Timbul is long overdue, like so many things on this lazy Traveler Blog. But fikar not dear readers I have resolved to be more active on this blog in the coming months.

So while I work on making my resolve to make this blog more active you have a great November and enjoy your travels wherever they may take you.

Ladies & Gentlemen may I invite you to like, share & download the November 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper featuring the magic island of Pasir Timbul in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.   The November 2017 desktop calendar wallpaper  comes in  high-resolution in 3 sizes 2100 px, 1600 px and 1024 px wide at the long edge.

Free Download November 2017 Desktop wallpaper calendar

November 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Magic Island Pasir Timbul Raja Ampat Indonesia


I hope you like this picture from Pasir Timbul and share it further with your friends and family. I am working on the annual desi Traveler Calendar Contest and this year besides the calendar I will be adding some other cool gifts also. Any suggestions are welcome.

How to download the Free November 2017 desktop Calendar wallpaper?

In order to download the November 2017 Calendar just right-click on any of the links below and save the calendar on your desktop. These calendars come in 300 dpi resolution and can be printed also if you like to keep a print copy.

2100 px

1600 px

1024 px


So looking forward to your comments and some suggestions for the 2018 Contest. Enjoy the remaining 2 months of 2017 and travel far and wide.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful information with us.

  2. Would surely like to be there one day.

  3. I wish I could go here too much fun

  4. Idyllic! How does one locate it amongst the 17000 odd islands in Indonesia?

  5. I so want to go back to Raja Ampat!

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