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The Magic of Petra: Download July 2016  Calendar Download

Dear reader, for July desktop calendar, let us once again go to the magical, mystical and almost mythological city of Petra. Once lost in the sand of times, today Petra is one of the biggest tourist attraction in the world and one of the seven wonders of the world.

About the Image: This image was made in Petra just after the sound and light show ends and everybody starts clicking images from selfies to group pictures.

It was around this time I noticed long shadows mixing with hundreds of paper lanterns around. As there was no big light source except the paper lanterns it was difficult to make out where the person ends and the shadow begin.

Before you download the image go ahead and check my earlier post about Petra the magical city that takes you back to Arabian Nights and much before even fairy tales of Arabian Nights were told.

Petra By Night 

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar July 2016 Petra Jordan

Petra By Night – Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – July 2016 – click on image to fill your screen 🙂 


You can download your July 2016 desi Travel Calendar Wallpaper by right clicking on the links below and save the images. You are more than welcome to share, save or print the same.  

Below are the sizes available for the July 2016 desktop calendar for download

1024 px

1600 px

2100 px

How this long exposure image was made: I was carrying my Gorilla pod with me, that I kept on top of a table to get a long exposure of 20 Seconds to  get the desired exposure level as well as some amount of a feeling of movement both from the shadows and from the lanterns.  The camera used was Nikon D 7000, with 18 -105 VR lens.

The complete settings and gear are like this

Camera Body: Nikon D 7000

Aperture: F/ 20

Shutter Speed: 20 Seconds

ISO : 400

Focal length: 58 mm on the 18-105  Nikkor VR  lens

I hope you have liked this image of Petra By Night and will download and share this desktop calendar for July 2016. My humble way to say thanks to wonderful readers of desi Traveler your friendly neighbourhood family travel blog from India.

Trivia: BTW this is the third Jordan picture on the 2016 desi Travel Calendar and second from Petra by Night Show. Do you remember the earlier Jordan images that readers chose for 2016 Calendar ?

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  1. Missed visiting Petra ! Hope will be able to see some day. Very nice pic.

  2. Wow, this picture is amazing. Loving the way you’ve treated the shadows, very theatrical.

  3. Dramatic photo. Loved it especially the elongated shadows. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous view… loved the capture 😀

  5. Those lanterns sure make some very interesting shadows; very dramatic for pictures, huh?!

  6. U are very good at photography 🙂 Amazing picture <3

    Heart Smitten

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