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Never Miss A Shot with Lava V5 Camera Phone


When I started working I will invariably forget something, car keys one day, laptop some other day, and lunchbox on most days. So I developed a habit of making a mental checklist and ticking off items before stepping out. I don’t remember when the Mobile phone became integral part of the same and soon my mobile phone is the first thing I check before stepping out of home. Even if I am going just till the society gate to buy some milk I never forget the mobile phone. Not that I will miss a call, but I don’t want to miss clicking a picture if the opportunity comes.

While I click lots of pictures from my DSLR it is my mobile which is part of most of the pictures that I click both at home as well as on travels as majority of the pictures are clicked to share on social media . Also many a times I don’t have time to adjust the settings on my camera and if I wait for the same the moment will be gone leaving a regret that I missed the moment. That is where my mobile phone comes handy, as the mobile is ever ready to snap the moment before it is gone forever. On my blog a lot of my pictures are clicked by my cell phone and I am regularly in search of a better mobile with a better Camera Phone. You see I am one of those guys who need a Camera Phone that will #nevermissashot and will get a crisp, sharp picture no matter what the situation.

So I was excited to learn about the launch of Lava V5 Camera phone that has all the right features that a traveler needs in the latest camera phone to make sure I capture moments as they happen. Now when you are in popular tourist places, you never know when the action will happen so that is where Super fast 0.18 sec AutoFocus of Lava V5 comes in handy and you never miss a moment.

Lava V5 review

Lava V5 comes with 13 MP primary camera with F2.0

The 13MP camera comes in handy to click high-resolution pictures even in low light thanks to its F2.0 lens and the LED flash light. Unless I have a tripod most of my low light shots for blog and Facebook now days are with Camera Phone and Lava V5 with F2.0 camera is real good for low light pictures, as the wide aperture at F2.0 lets all the available light reach the sensor.

Lava V5 price

The F2.0 Camera is good for low light situations also

But if you are like most of the Selfie Brigade you may wonder, all that is fine but what about selifes?  So here also you are in luck as the Selife camera on the Lava V5 is F2.2 with an 8 MP camera that gives you 84 degree wide-angle view and comes with LED flash. The 84 degree is really useful when you are with your friends and want all of you in the same frame.

Lava V5 review

The Lava V5 comes with an 8 MP selfie camera

Though I am more keen on the camera and the Lava V5 priced at Rs 11299/- is competitively priced, it has other features that are useful if you are a heavy app user ( and who is not today ? )

The Lava V5 has 3GB DDR3 RAM so that you can work or play on your apps without lag. But what most impressed me was that the Lava V5 is a 4G phone, yes that is right, the Lava V5 is 4G ready and if you already use 4G like I do or plan to upgrade soon then you get a phone that is already 4G so you will not have to buy another one soon to move to 4G, and trust me once you get used to a 4G connection you will never go back to a 3G phone connection.

Lava V5 4G Dual SIM Phone

The Lava V5 is 4G ready

To summarize about the Lava V5 4G phone I think the most useful feature for me as a traveler and photographer is the ability to click pictures fast with its Super fast 0.18 sec AutoFocus system, so that you #nevermissashot and capture moments as they happen. That the Lava V5 priced at Rs 11,299 comes equipped with a superior selfie camera with F2.2 aperture and is 4G ready with 3 GB RAM in my opinion makes it a winner camera phone. Check this link to see more details and buy the Lava V5 4G Camera Phone.

Lava V5 review

Once you use a 4G phone like Lava V5  you can never go back to 3G connection

So if you are looking for a good camera phone that is 4G ready then check the Lava V5 with following specs


  • Android 5.1 Lollipop (Based on Star OS 2.0), Guaranteed upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Primary camera: 13 MP, F2.0, with LED flash
  • Front camera for selfie: 8 MP, F2.2 with LED Flash
  • Video Recording – Full HD (1080p)
  • DUAL SIM Standby
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, 267 PPI
  • MEMORY Internal-16 GB ROM
  • Expandable Memory up to 32 GB
  • Memory-3 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Internal Memory for user-11.23 GB
  • WARRANTY -1 year manufacturer warranty for Phone and 6 months warranty for in the box accessories
  • Lava V5 Price: Rs 11,299


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  1. So many cellphones these days, which one to choose? 🙂

    Was it also on returnable basis? 😉

  2. well, the phone looks awesome too 🙂

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