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Two of My photos won Lonely Planet  Best Travel Photo Contest

Today turned out to be very special day for me. Some of you would remember my posts on my visit to Tal Chapar wildlife Sanctuary. I submitted some of those pictures in Lonely Planet  Best Travel Photo Contest. I was casually browsing through their website and saw a post mentioning the prize winners for the contest. While yours truly’s name was not in the top three winners, I did saw my name in the consolation prize winner list. After exchanging emails with Bodhisattva Sen Roy, Digital Editor & Community Manager for the magazine I got confirmation email him that indeed I am the winner of two consolation prizes. So friends, here are two of my winning pictures from the Lonely planet travel photo contest. I would like to specially thank Shreeram MV of Darter who led the tour to Tal Chapar I was part of. Also many thanks to Lonely Planet India Magazine and Bodhisattva Sen Roy for promptly confirming that I am indeed one of the winners.

Lonely planet travel photography winner photo of desi traveler

Black Buck Returning Home in Sunset

This first pictures above shows Black Bucks returning to their resting place in the evening around sunset.  There were hundreds of Black Bucks and Chinkara deers,  who all return to their favorite spot in the evening to rest. A lot of dust was flowing in the air due to the running of black bucks, that combined with the diminishing light gave this beautiful orange tint to the picture.

eagle flying in sunset to capture prey in Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary winning picture of lonely planet contest

An Eagle Takes Off To Capture Prey

The second picture again of sunset  has an eagle taking off from a dried tree to catch prey one last time before it gets dark. We were trying to identify the predator but it was too dark to do so, and with the sun directly in front of my lens I got this silhouette effect, that I really liked and am glad that the judges of the contest also liked the same  🙂

To see the stunning pictures from top three winners( Srinivasa Prasath, Anilrisal Singh and Avaneesh Rawat) of the Lonely Planet Travel photography contest please click here.

To see the list of consolation prize winners including yours truly please click here.

As both the pics have sky as a key element in them I am also linking them with Sky Watch Friday. OK let me stop  here as the post is becoming longer than an Oscar speech, but you see it is not me it is the 9-year-old kid who first clicked from a black and white film roll in a manual Agfa camera , sneaked from his uncle’s drawer.

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  1. Awesome ……. They are super Cool

  2. Wow… Absolutely amazing shots… they filled brightness in my room, the way they shone in yellow….
    Congratulations for the win ….

  3. That’s great news. Congratulations, Desi Traveler.
    Those really are superb shots.

  4. Congrats! Wonderful shots … a treat to the eyes… keep up the good work

  5. This is huge! Congratulations.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations! Very beautiful, may you have many more of these 🙂

  7. Lovely pictures. Can’t say which one is better of the two, well deserved I will say 🙂

  8. oh wow! That’s quite an honour! Congratulations! The clicks are lovely too! Sunset’s my favourite time of day. 🙂

  9. feast for the eyes ! amazing ….

  10. Awesome pics! Congrats!

  11. Congratulations.
    The second photo is the ultimate.

  12. Congratulations! . Hyderabad Bloggers are proud 🙂

  13. Wow, and congratulations! Love the eagle snap! Did you use a special lens to capture the vivid colors?

    • Hi Chaitanya… It is done by 55-300 mm Zoom lens from Nikon, F/7.1, at 1/8000 sec, ISO-220, the shot was taken just before Sunset against Sun, leading to the Silhouette effect, further enhanced in Lightoom 4… Thanks a lot

  14. Wow this are really good shots.Deserved it .Congo sir 🙂

  15. Wonderful shots indeed. Particularly liked the eagle one.

  16. many congos!!!

  17. Wow.. meserizing!

  18. Hearty congrats, Prasad 🙂

  19. Congratulations on getting featured!!!

  20. congrats…

    beautiful shots….

  21. That second one is a really nice shot! Very dramatic silhouette effect!!!

  22. Very beautiful photos , awesome.

  23. Respect. Brilliant pics. Congratulations on the win too.

  24. congratulations Prasad 🙂

  25. Hearty congratulations!!

  26. Congratulations! These shots are breath-taking!

  27. Spectacularshots! Congratulations!!!!!

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