Jan 252012
As if charging 200 Rs for a stale sandwich is not enough, the so called low cost airlines have now stooped to level of throwing full fare paying passengers from plane for not giving way to the pilot.
Yes I am talking about the incident that happened on Indigo airlines  last week
Is this not strange the passenger was not  drunk, did not threatened anybody, did not possessed any weapons or banned substances and even offered an apology to the Pilot on  discovering that the pilot is upset because he was not given the right of way.
So are our pilots the new netas; with flashing red lights and no regards for the lesser mortals? This seems to be the case in this particular incident.
I think part of this is the simple demand supply equation pilots are in short supply and passengers seem to be available a dime a dozen. But what the Indigo management and pilot have forgotten is that the passengers have a choice and that choice is not just restricted to other airlines but also to railways and other means of transport.
Also let us not forget today Indigo may be flush with cash but soon they can go the Kingfisher way. This same airline would be laying out the red carpet for the very passengers who are today considered to be dispensable. If history has taught us anything it is that all airlines at some stage will be in financial trouble and then only the loyal customers  will come to rescue not the stake holding netas who keep on changing policies to suit their passive investment, nor the dons from desert lands investing behind the mask of FDI in the aviation sector.
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  1. Interesting view of the incident.No pilot will throw out a passenger willingly. I like to know full story as it did not come in local papers.Hope Indigo does not go Kingfisher way. Customer is the King always

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