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March 2015 calendar desktop wallpaper: With Smiles From a Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Hola March!

For the March 2017 desktop calendar for download, let us visit Bali, Indonesia once again. The first picture of 2017 Calendar was from dusk in Bali, this one is from a morning on a Bali Beach near our hotel. We were staying at the Golden Tulip Devins, Seminyak and before breakfast, I decided to take a stroll to the beach, about 10 minutes of leisurely walk from the hotel.

A beach in Bali always has something interesting to offer. From colorful sunsets, like we saw in the January Calendar to late night parties to early morning joggers, you can find everything on Bali beaches. But one of the first things I  noticed on this Seminyak beach in Bali was that how clean it was, there was no trash lying, even though it is a very popular beach with hotels and many shops within walking distance. But let us keep this post about the March 2017 Calendar that you can download for your desktop.

The March 2017 desktop Calendar photograph was clicked on the Seminyak beach in Bali and I have deliberately unsaturated the colors in the image, just short of becoming a monochrome image.

I hope you like the image and are welcome to download it for your March 2017 desktop Calendar.

As always the image uploaded is 2100 px wide but you can download it in 3 sizes

1024 Px wide

1600 Px wide

2100 Px Wide

March 2017 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar Girs on Bali Beach

March 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper from Bali Indonesia

To download the March 2017 Calendar just right click any of the links above depending on your monitor size and save it on your hard disk.

In case you are wondering who the lovely ladies in the picture are then may I  suggest to visit and follow the profiles of the two lovely ladies in the picture, my fellow travelers on the Trip of Wonders, who are both Instagram stars from Japan. They were the most photographed photographers on the trip and I can not thank them enough for their kindness and 1000 watt smiles with which they always faced the camera. Do you remember the earlier posts about Indonesia where they have appeared? Do check and follow their Instagram accounts below

Do check and follow their Instagram accounts below

Hikari and Chiaoking

I must also thank Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for inviting me to Trip of Wonders Indonesia.

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  1. Gorgeous photograph! I love how serene and pristine the whole composition is!

  2. Best! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That is lovely 🙂

  4. Beautiful — what you’ve done with the colours, Prasad. It looks ethereal.

    Now you make us want to see more of that clean, lovely beach in the morning hours. 🙂

  5. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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