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Diwali & The Case of Donut Photography With Infinix Hot 4 Pro

The problem with declaring yourself a travel blogger is that people assume that you are always traveling.  And now that I have declared myself to be a “Top Ka Travel Blogger from India” people assume I am always traveling to exotic destinations. But truth is that I travel much less than many of mine corporate type friends spend more time in flights than they spend in their homes or even office. As for me, I am equally happy going to my neighborhood if something interesting is happening there.   You see all said and done no matter how  Uncle-ish we become,  men are always happy to receive a new toy to play.  As I had just received a brand new Infinix Hot 4 Pro I was eager to take it out for a test run.

Any other day I would have taken out the phone to some exotic location to test it out but you can understand with a brand new phone in pocket my fingers get itchy and as per the 7 Golden Rules of Photography, the best treatment for itchy fingers is to be trigger happy. So here I was with my brand new Infinix Hot 4 Pro phone in Gurgaon Cyberhub, the hot spot for corporate credit card curated bar brawls. But I had no interest in Bars, Bar Brawls or even Bar balas I totally focused my new toy aka Infinix Hot 4 Pro on clicking the happenings around me.

It was a sunny & busy day at Cyber hub, with some kind of celebrity chef event happening in open-air amphitheater at Cyber Hub. What is a good day for an event is not necessarily a good day to take pictures, especially with a cell phone? You see most cell phones work in auto mode so you are totally dependent on what the camera thinks and then you need to do lots of post processing to make your images look like what you imagined. This is where I enjoyed tinkering with the features of the Infinix Hot 4 Pro.  For any camera, there are two challenging situations a very bright day and a very dark night in both the situations the camera’s capabilities are put to test.



Cyber Hub Gurgaon clicked with Infinix Hot 4 Pro

I first pointed out the Infinix Hot 4 Pro towards the bright sky and clicked a picture through the colorful decorations at the Cyber Hub. I clicked the colorful ribbons on the walkway, the inviting colorful food platters on the wall winking at you to cheat on your diet were clicked so were the street musicians playing on their guitar and the colorful flowers of Bahunia trees were also captured.

Colors of Nature clicked by Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Street Musicians at Cyber Hub Gurgaon caught in action by Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Colors of Cyber Hub caught on Camera of Infinix Hot 4 Pro


Nobody was spared and everybody was clicked. But the big bad posters of food all around me on the walls were enticing me to cheat on my diet so I whispered to myself, “ How about buying some donuts, just for clicking, later you can carry them home with you for the kids and wife jee”

The ads for food around me were making me hungry

“Great Idea”, I patted myself and bought a box of Donuts. Now if you know anything about donuts then the thing is you need to eat them as fresh as possible. So the moment I reached home I told the kids and Wife jee, “ I have got some donuts but they are for clicking only after I have clicked them you guys can enjoy them, but you guys will need to help me so that I can click them quickly”. The kids really liked the idea, but Wife Jee as always was skeptical of my intentions and continued to give me those looks. You know those looks when your wife knows the relationship you have with donuts but are not willing to accept.  But the good thing with clicking donuts is that as you are clicking and everybody is looking at them with anticipation, but you take your own time to click them. First, click them in the Auto Mode of the Infinix Hot 4 Pro, then click them using the Professional Mode where you can change the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance etc. and then you can also try the beauty mode to see how the donuts look in beauty mode.

Donuts because I just wanted to click them. 🙂 😛 😛

Like a ferocious hunter looking at his prey, I examined the donuts from every possible angle and clicked them from the top, clicked them from side, clicked them alone, clicked them in a group and licked them I mean clicked them from every possible angle, even though they are circular and don’t have an angle. Looking at all the hard work I was doing in clicking the donuts even wife jee’s heart melted like the now melting chocolate on the donuts and she said, “ Why don’t you hurry up, they will not taste good if you spend too much time clicking them, and considering you have been working so hard to click them, why don’t you also have a donut ?”

To prove my seriousness as a donut photographer I clicked them from every angle till wife jee was convinced

Now what to say, dear reader? With great donuts comes great responsibility so I had no choice and like all obedient husbands, I accepted the instructions from wife jee and agreed to nibble into one of the donuts.

Who can say no to a donut  I mean who will not want to click a donut when you have a brand new phone camera?

I must say I was very happy at eating, I mean clicking the donuts but there was more to be tested in the camera of the Infinix Hot 4 Pro.  But before we go there let me share some of the specs of this phone with you:

The Infinix Hot 4 Pro phone comes with a 13 MP main camera and a 5-megapixel camera for selfies. The Infinix Hot 4 Pro is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6737 processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 16GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 128GB via a microSD card. Just imagine how many donut pictures you can take in that much memory card space. But the best part as a traveler that I liked was that the phone is a true workhorse and on a single charge it continues to work for next two days and when you are out of power you can charge it in the time it takes to enjoy your donuts. Having a 4000mAh battery in it is a big boon for travel bloggers like me

Well as I said I was enjoying my shooting spree with the Infinix Hot 4 pro and soon I got an opportunity to click again with the new phone on Diwali.  Wife jee and kids have made colorful Rangolis & Varpu for Diwali they were my perfect subjects to click. Look at the beautiful Rangolis that I clicked with the Infinix Hot 4 Pro. Especially note the next two pictures, the first one taken in the auto mode where the bright part is totally blown out and the second one which I clicked in Professional mode and you can see the details much better in the bright part while the darker portions are still visible. Mind you  I have not made any post-processing in any of the images and they are straight out of the cell phone camera I have not even straightened the images to give you the exact images I clicked without any alteration in the image,  not even a watermark.

Auto mode – the Bright parts are totally blown out

The professional mode where you can see the bright part visible and the dark parts are also acceptable. The images were taken in broad daylight as the kids were making rangolis. 

Rangoli & Varpu made for Diwali

I am sure by now you are wondering how much this phone costs? But before that let me also share a few more things about this Hot 4 pro that I enjoyed testing around during the festival season. The phone has features 5.5’’ HD ISP display fingerprint password, 2 sim card slots and,  expandable memory card slot over and above the 2 sim slots.The phone feels solid in touch and feel and makes my desi hands feel comfortable holding it without the fear of slipping from my hands as it gives a good grip a good feature when you regularly click food pictures with oily hands and your kids regularly use it to listen to the music dancing around to the 3 D surround sound that comes from the  Dirac Stereo Widening technology  speakers.

Diwali decorations captured with Infinix Hot 4 Pro

So now are we ready for the price of Infinix Hot 4 Pro? Well, the new Infinix Hot 4 Pro costs INR 7499. Yes, you read it right all these features and much more that I have not listed here comes at INR 7499. I am gonna miss this phone when I have to return it back to the company. But till then it is all mine to play around too bad I cannot tell them that the phone slipped from my hand and I lost it as I mentioned above only that the phone has very good grip in your hands 😛


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  1. How beautifully you turned a review to a fun filled donuty story. The donuts looks tempting. 🙂

  2. Woow, this looks really amazing

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