May 052014

SKINK: Another Lizard Photographed in Hyderabad Telangana

Some time back I wrote about the lizards that I have photographed in and around Hyderabad, especially in Mrugavani National Park, that is on the way to Chilkur Balaji Temple.
Today I was there again with my daughters and their cousin who is visiting us during holidays. Now, most people are very sure about their reaction towards lizards, it is a very loud “ YUCK”, but not our elder one, she wanted to see the action a bit closely. So I took her to the rock patch were a lot of lizards live.
This time we spotted a new one a  Skink, though they are broadly classified as lizards they are slightly different
  • Limbs are short
  • Almost zero neck 
In some species of skinks, limbs are completely absent and they resemble snakes in looks as well as movement. Could that be the connection in the process of evolution?  We saw this couple that was basking in sun after showers and every few minutes will unleash their tongue to gorge on some clueless insect. The poor insects, even before he could understand what happened to them, the gastric juices of the skink must have started working on them. But that is nature, beautiful yet ruthless, somebody has to die for somebody to live.
skink lizard

A Skink enjoying the Sun

skink indian lizard

Maine Kaha Suntay ho? Yeh hamaree photo le raha hai !

skink indian lizard on rock

Listen I don’t want to be Photographed, OK?

This takes my tally of lizards that I have photographed in Hyderabad to 5, though I am yet to click a good picture of a common Chameleon ( Chamaeleo zeylanicus ). Let us see how many more I can photograph in the coming days. Unfortunately, I only had my kit lens and the skinks were not very keen on a career of modeling, so the pics are not very good. Let us see if I can click better pictures, next time I spot them, with a bigger lens.
Here is the earlier post with more species of Lizards found in South India I am not sure of the exact species of this particular skink if you know it please mention in the comments.
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  1. I saw a skink in my garden in Secunderabad today and wanted to read up more about it. This led me to your blog. Interesting that you photograph reptiles. The skink I saw was different from your photograph, though. It had long black stripes down its back, rather like a squirrel’s.

    • Hello Meena: Welcome to desi Traveler blog. I try to photograph all the creatures of god 🙂 I think the one you saw could be a different species that is more slender. May be try to click a picture and share next time they are friends of a gardener and eat insects that harm plants 🙂

  2. I used to be so scared of them even though they have done me no harm; I guess it was because they reminded me of snakes.
    However I must say these lizards are so very graceful and beautiful too.

  3. Those clicks are great but I some how can’t say bful as just the pic gave me goosies 🙂
    but great u covered 5 different species of lizards. Thats wow !
    Other than common lizard I never came across any 🙂

  4. Post is really Beautiful But I hate Skink. Well I tell you a stupid my childhood story. When I was a School Girl so I used to see Skink in school ground & boys & girls (students) wish to touch & they used to say it’s Snake’s aunty 🙂 so that was so funny & childhood memory.

    • Now that you mention I remember calling them ” Saanp Kee Mausi” and the theory/superstition was that if you touch them you will find some money…those innocent days of childhood.. 🙂

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