Oct 232015

The Wrong Turn To The Right Sunset


Sometimes the wrong turn can be the right turn, just by chance.  On a recent trip to Chikamagalur where I was shooting Mercedes-Benz for a blogging assignment, I accidentally hit my lens to a tree. Luckily the lens hood too the hit and the main body did not have any damage. I was clicking with same lens for months now without any issue. But today I was alone at home with nothing to do so I thought why not get the rubber ring on the lens replaced as it has become a little lose.  So I visited the Nikon India Service center in Gurgaon and they replaced the lens rubber and ring.  The lens now looks as good as new ( it always clicked as good as new ).

So on my way home my hands were itching to click some thing. You know that feeling a man with hammer, or should I say a man with a new lens rubber in hand :). As I was thinking where to go to do some photography, in my thoughts I took a wrong turn on the red light and realized it only after driving a Kilometer. Just as I was about to curse myself I saw in front of me one of the most gorgeous sunset I have seen in Gurgaon. Thanks to a brand new ( too many brand new in this post !) flyover. The orange sun was hanging in the middle of road trying to jump from one light pole to the next.

I parked my car on the side of the road and waited for the traffic to ease a bit. Then I hurriedly walked to the middle of road and took some quick shots. All the shots are at same setting except for the change in ISO and the shots that look earlier could be later as I am posting them without a sequence. Can you tell the real sequence of these shots ?

Sunset In Gurgaon

A Sunset over a new flyover

Auto-rickshaws in Gurgaon

Auto-rickshaws in sunset

A tractor trolley in Gurgaon

A tractor trolley chasing sunset

Sunset In Gurgaon

A Sunset in Gurgaon

Sunset In Gurgaon

What do you say ? The sunset was worth the wrong turn ?

I wanted to stay longer and click more pictures, bu Sun had other plans, as he had to go and make morning in Americas, and all the traffic behind me had no plans to stop just becasue I took a wrong turn and now was standing in middle of road to click these pictures.

But you know a man with a camera in hand is not somebody who is very rational.  Visit Skywatch for more pictures of beautiful sky from around the globe.

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  1. i would really love to have the 4th picture “sunset in gurgaon” in my desi calender 2016.

  2. that is beautiful 🙂

  3. Wow – fabulously stunning shots!

  4. Absolutely worth the wrong turn! Great sunset photos.

  5. A great opportunity identified and captured!

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