Mar 072013


 The Superhero Of Pochampally

Some time back I was in Bhoodan Pochampally Village, near Hyderabad. the main purpose of the visit was to meet and click pictures of some weavers who make the beautiful Pochampally sareers. While we were moving around the village which is a photographer’s delight and almost every corner offers some photo opportunity. I saw this guy in this wonderful superhero T Shirt as if announcing that he is going to solve the problems of this world.

Indian man wearing superhero T shirt  with

Finally Somebody Who Can Solve All Problems of This World

What do you say? Do wee need  a superhero for this world? May be it is a sign of the times when one Superhero is not enough to solve the problems and you need a super duper hero.  I wonder what the original Superhero Pawan Putra Hanuman will say about this.  Click on the picture to read more about Pochampally Sarees. Linking this post with the Thursday Challenge of this week which is -SIGNS (Commercial, Traffic, Funny,…)


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  1. Now THATS a super hero! 😉

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