Sep 012014
Portrait of a Chaiwala

From Chaiwala to Tea Ceremony in Japan With the Japanese Prime Minister Shinjo Abe hosting a traditional Tea Ceremony for our PM Narendra Modi, who started his illustrious career as a ChaiWala, life has come a full circle. I normally refrain from political comments on this blog, but we travelers own a lot to our desi ChaiWalas. On every road trip that we take, we eagerly await for the next Chaiwala, stop the car, order an invigorating fresh ginger, Chai, chat with the ChaiWala and ask about the road conditions ahead. As the chaiwala adds fresh tea leaves to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 032014
Eating Out: What is the last thing on a foodies mind ?

What I don’t want to see when Eating Out What is the absolutely last thing you want to see in a restaurant? Lousy Food? Terrible Service? Loud guests on next table?  Or something else? Ponder while you read this post. I have seen a lot in restaurants both in India and during my travels to foreign lands.  One of the strangest experiences was in restroom of this Italian restaurant in Silicon Valley. As you got ready to…err do you business, you will hear word of the day sprouting from the speakers. So you got your little lesson in Italian [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 212013
Lets Meet At Lamakaan

  Lamakaan The open inclusive cultural space in  Hyderabad A few days ago we talked about Hussain Sagar Tank Bund where Hyderabadis go for evening walk when they don’t want to do anything.  But what about Hyderabadis with cultural juices overflowing ? Where do the artistic and the lets change the world types go to hang out and debate on everything under the sun? Well they head for Lamakaan in the heart of city in Banjara Hills, next to the lane to CBay Building (now called MModal) opposite the GVK Mall. So what kind of Hyderabadis you find in [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]