Oct 282013
Back to Nature: Visit to a Nature Farm

A Nature Farm outside Hyderabad This weekend was dedicated to nature and we visited a Nature farm on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Now you may wonder what a nature farm is. A nature farms take the concept of Organic farming one step ahead and let the plants grow as they would have grown in nature with minimum human intervention. So except for planting and harvesting and adding some natural organic manure made from Cow dung, mulch, Cow Urine any other human intervention is a minimum.  Leave aside chemical pesticide a nature farm does not even use chemical fertilizers.  A [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 232012
Under The Mango Tree In Hampi

Under The Mango Tree: A unique Hampi Experience Many moons ago in the first 007 movie “Dr. No”, Ursula Andress, emerged from the Caribbean island lagoon, in a bikini so hot that the island burst into flames by the end of the movie. She was humming the lines…   “Underneath the mango tree Me honey and me can watch for the moon Underneath the mango tree Me honey and me make boolooloop soon Underneath the moonlit sky Me honey and I can sit hand in hand…..”   That my friends is our connection of the bond babe with Hampi’s most famous [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]