Nov 122013
3 Trips one quest: Discovering our Platinum Day of Love

Finding Faith, A beach buddy and Love in Switzerland This is one big mama of a post. So ladies and gentlemen get your cup of coffee or milkshake and come along with us as we go to one long story on three different trips. What is true love? Well the jury is still out consisting of poets, philosophers, scientists, lovers, philanderers, stalkers, serial monogamists to eternal love flame kind of  version of love is the real one. Does anybody even understand love? Can love be explained? Can somebody who has never fallen in love be in love? Let me [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 102013
Train To Pakistan

When we traveled to see Pakistan We were debating where to go on our next holiday and it soon turned into a heated debate as always. Finally, I said let us take a train to Pakistan and show you the land of your ancestors, to the missus. You see her parents were born in pre-partition India and she sometimes wishes to go and see the village where here forefathers lived. But she brushed this aside as another joke of mine. But I went online to book tickets in tatkal for Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi train and offered to help with the packing of [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 222013
desi goes to London

desi Traveler delivers some Sunshine in London desi Traveler desi Traveler, where have you been? I have been to London to see Doug & Doreen Yes, I know it is a poor parody of the popular nursery rhyme, but I could not resist mentioning it here about my second visit to London a few months after our marriage. I and Missus were going to Swiss Alps, and as London was our entry point to Europe, we decided to spend a few days there. Only the Queen was too busy to meet us, hence we visited Doreen and Doug in [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 222013
Raj Mandir Jaipur - One Photo From My Album

We have bought our small car on a big loan,  and it was causing a lot of itching to go somewhere. We agreed to go to pink city Jaipur the capital of Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan. It was our first trip in the new car and I felt like I owned the world even while being in debt to the bank . Mushrooming Mall City Gurgaon was our home, but Jaipur had Raj Mandir the best movie theater in India Princess crooned  to just released Dhoom songs in the car and we decided to watch Dhoom in Raj Mandir, after [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 252013
Family Fun in Coracle or Round Boats of Nagarjuna Sagar

A Joy Ride in a Coracle  in Nagarjuna Sagar Coracles ( singular- Coracle) or the round boats have been around for millenniums, Julius Caesar found the English using them during his invasion.  And while the indigenous shipbuilding industry in India was slowly decimated by the British, ( probably as an act of revenge to supply ships to American Navy for the British American war in 1812.  A little-known fact: American national anthem was written on a ship made by the Wadia Family of India) still the art of making Coracles survived. Although one wonders what happened to shipbuilding in India when just [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 202013
Buddhist Museum On Nagarjunakonda Island

A visit to Buddhist Museum On Nagarjunakonda Island in Nagarjuna Sagar As written in an earlier post we took the boat to Nagarjunakonda island to visit the Buddhist museum on Nagarjunakonda island. We arrived suitably shaken and stirred on the island and were a witness to the great Indian rush to get out of the boat once again. Immediately after the boat docking platform there is a steep ascent to rise to the hill, remember Konda means hill in Telugu and Nagarjunakonda means the hill of Sage Nagarjuna, which is also the name of Telugu superstar Nagarjuna who seems to be getting younger with every [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 042013
The Old Baobab Tree of Nanakramguda Hyderabad-II

Hugging The Old Baobab Tree Of Nanankramga I wrote about the Old Baobab tree of Nanakramguda village in Financial District of Hyderabad. Since I was exploring the area I clubbed the  post with the 400-year-old Ranganath temple of Nanakramguda village. I think I should have kept the two separate as somewhere the message got diluted. So here is an update on the visit to the Old Baobab Tree of Nanakramguda Village in  Hyderabad. I was also not very happy with the pictures that I took of the tree, the pictures were unable to give a complete perspective of  the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 302013
Hot Tea Across India-Review

  Hot Tea Across India – Review by Desi Traveler Those of you who read about the Hyderabad bloggers meet will remember that as part of gifts given to us bloggers I received a signed copy of “Hot Tea Across India” by Rishad Saam Mehta from Anuradha Goyal, who writes one of the best travel blogs from India and publishes the most comprehensive book review blog from India. So it is with great humility I write my take on  Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta Initially, I thought that it is a book about different kind of [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 192013
Ratatouille- Trying French Food in Pondicherry India

— We all love to revisit our childhood every once in a while just for the sake of good old days. A very tough task for me as I kind of sort of you know actually what I mean is I like to believe that while I left childhood behind long ago, my childhood never left me. Get it? Don’t worry it is never going to come in an exam. So I watch a lot of animation movies with my kids and every once in a while one gets a movie that one loves to watch again and again.   [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 172013
Attending An International Wedding in Pondicherry

Staying At A Beach Hotel To Attend an International Wedding in Pondicherry Pondicherry or Puducherry is such a beautiful place that one wants to use bigger adjectives like fascinating, mesmerizing, enchanting etc., but none of them can do justice to it. So let me use what fits it perfectly Pondicherry is unique. No it is not like hippie heaven Goa, there is no comparison and I will not attempt any.  Though feel free to give your opinion in the comments about the same if you have been to both places like me. When I posted some of the pictures [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]