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Jim Corbett Ramnagar Uttarakhand


The Golden Tusk Resort Corbett

See the logo carefully – What do you see ?


So the jungle called again and I responded, I recently visited the Golden Tusk Resort, near Jim Corbett National Park Uttarakhand for a FAM trip. The beauty of a forest like Corbett is that every time you visit you discover something new.  Not just inside the jungle but also in the hotels & resorts you stay. So I was looking forward to my stay at the Golden Tusk Resort, which is in the buffer zone of Corbett near the Dhela Gate in Village Dhela.

We started early morning aka at the crack of dawn from Gurgaon and after a leisurely ride punctuated with breakfast break, photography break, let us get some CNG break etc. etc etc.. on the highway we reached the Golden Tusk around lunchtime. I forgot the long ride, the moment I saw golden sarson kay khet just opposite the resort gates.  As we entered the Golden Tusk Resort, I noticed the logo of the resort and it appeared to me that it has as special meaning, so I decided to check it out later.

When we arrived the Golden Tusk Resort was surrounded by Golden Sarson Kay Phools

The Golden Tusk resort is spread over about 10 acres, with a village on one side and a shallow monsoon brook on the other side. You are never too far from the sounds of the jungle and you just need to stand next to the boundary wall of the Golden Tusk resort to see some Jackals playing in the dry river bed and some peacocks keeping a close eye on his queens.

Once inside the resort the landscape changes and you are surrounded by trees, creepers, water bodies and play area for adventure activities for kids and grown-ups. While talking to the Director of Golden Tusk Mr. Anirudh Lakhotia one learns not only many interesting facts about the area but the philosophy of his family about opening the Golden Tusk Resort.

Lift for people who cannot climb stairs

A lift for people who have cannot climb stairs- Making public places easily accessible

The Golden Tusk is a dream project of  Mr. Lakhotia’s grandfather a visionary and a man much ahead of his time in. He opened one of the first proper hotel in Ramnagar and it was attached to the only Cinema Hall in the town. The guests staying the hotel could tune in to the movies playing in the cinema via a speak and listen to the dialogues. Now today in the times of iTunes and YouTube these things may look prehistoric but we are talking about more than 30 or 40 years ago when anybody rarely had TV even in big cities.

So when the family was planning this resort one of the things that Grandpa Mr. Lakhotia wanted was a resort that would be loved by everybody in the family and not just for those who want to visit the Jungle. This desire led to the motto: Never A Dull Moment and this can be felt in every aspect of the Golden Tusk.

While the resort has 64 rooms, it would be not wrong to call each one of them a suit in itself for each one of them has a proper sit-out area, a bedroom, and even an outdoor area where one can just sit and relax and listen to the birds chirping in the trees.  The rooms are family-friendly as kids can easily have their separate beds and the family can enjoy some cozy times in the huge balconies or front porches as the case may be.

I was very impressed by the details taken into designing every aspect of the resort from a lift to reach the restaurant for people who have difficulty climbing stairs to artistically placed towel art into the room which I am sure is a conversation point for both kids and adults alike.

Lamshade with Deer Picture

Let us rewrite the old poem – Sambhar Sambhar Burning Bright- I am sure Old Mr. Blake will not mind

During my property visit, I spotted Dinosaurs, Elephants, Crocodiles, Swans, and many other fauna inside the rooms all made from Towels and adorned with leaves & flowers grown on the resort itself. My compliments to the artistic team of Golden Tusk.

Towel ART - Elephant

Corbett is one of the largest Elephant Habitats in North India.


Suit Room at the golden Tusk

A room is a room is a room unless it is a Suit at The Golden Tusk


Towel Art inside Villa Room golden tusk resort Corbett

I had never imagined that I would see a Dinosaur near Corbett

Villa Room golden tusk

Every Villa & Suit at the Golden Tusk comes with a Personality of its own

Talking about the resort walk I noticed that there are 2 swimming pools at the resort and I wondered why a resort of this size has 2 swimming pools. So I quizzed Mr. Lakhotia and what he told me sums up the family-friendly nature of the owners of Golden Tusk. Mr. Lakhotia’s grandfather wanted to make sure that the pool at the resort is large enough for everybody to enjoy without any issues. However, once the resort became popular they realized that families with small kids were a little reluctant to enter the pool as others were playing in the pools.

The Swimming Pool Golden Tusk Corbett

Kitnay Pool thay ??  SssSardaaar 2— Hmm Do Pool Or Phir bhee Swimming Nahi Kiyay ??   

So the family dediced to open a dedicated wing designed around a central pool that is preferably given to families who can enjoy in it without worrying about the crowds. I have been to many resorts in India as well as abroad and I can say without a doubt that the Golden Tusk Resort is one of the very rare resorts, especially for the number of rooms they have to open two pools for there guests.


Swimming Pool Golden Tusk Resort

Yes The Golden Tusk has 2 full Swimming pools, make sure you enjoy your relaxing swim during the summers

I must add that the resort is just an extension of the jungle though a well maintained one, your rooms are surrounded by bamboo grooves, flowing water canals with papayrus swaying in the breeze, and trees that have medicinal or spiritual significance dotting the landscape.  I felt fortunate to see a Krishna Temple under a Kadam tree inside the resort premises.

Krishna Temple Golden Tusk Ramnagar Uttarakhand

Do you know Baal Krishna played under the canopy of Kadam Trees with his friends?

Some eco-friendly & sustainability initiatives at the Golden Tusk Resort: 

The team at Golden Tusk actively works toward sustainability and besides actively segregating the waste into recyclable and compostable they have some rare trees planted on the premises ranging from the KalpVriksha or Adansonia gregorii planted by Australian Cricketer Greg Matthews. Manytimes when prominent people stay at the Golden tusk they are requested to plant a tree and besides Greg Matthews I also saw a tree planted by former CM of Uttarakhand Sh. Trivendra Singh Rawat and a few more. This is a good practice as it encourages others also to plant trees. In the past I was fortunate enough to plant a tree in the KMVN guest house in Sitlakhet, Uttarakhand when we were traveling by Bloggers Bus.

Sustainability Inititatives The Golden Tusk

The Golden Tusk actively engages in sustainability efforts

Click here to see the Girl With Golden Voice of AIR FM Radia Fame Shibani Kashyap

planting a Tree at the Golden Tusk


Another wonderful tree that I saw was a rare succulent tree called Uncarina grandidieri , which captures your imagination the moment you reach the reception area. I tried to count the number of trees & other fauna species in the resort but I could not I distinctly remember at least 5 kinds of bamboo, Kadam tree, Magnolia, Frangipani, Mango, Hibiscus, Passion fruit vine, Junipers, Amaltas aka Golden Laburnum and many more.

uncarina grandidieri

This rare succulent tree welcomes you at the reception area

Now this post will not be complete unless I talk about the food at the Golden Tusk Resort. During our stay, we had multiple meals at the resort, but due to cold weather, we were mainly inside the main multicuisine restaurant. While each meal was memorable I want to talk a little more about the Jungle Grill Restaurant nestled in a corner of the Golden Tusk. This is a jungle-themed restaurant where you sit under the skies or in a Cabana and depending on the weather, a fan or a bonfire is arranged. Here the chef creates dishes with exotic names and even more exotic tastes and flavors intending to create a Fusion Barbeque.

Jungle Grill Golden Tusk Corbett

The food at Jungle Grill is specially created by Chef Kishore Negi to take you on a culinary safari

Unfortunately, I was not prepared to click pictures in the night so what you see here are images clicked by my Sasta Sunder Tikau Mobile Phone. Each of the dishes is personally created by Chef Kishore Negi using ingredients that you will find in some of the well-known Jungles of not just India but Amazon in Brazil, Serengeti in Africa, Burma in South East Asia, Bandhavgarh, Pench etc in Central India.

Barbecue Platter

One platter of many flavors – The Jungle Grill

 If you are visiting Corbett whether you are staying at the Golden Tusk or not a dinner at the Jungle Grill is a must to add to your culinary experience. Your tastebuds will thank you & the moments will be cherished for a long time. 

Now let me come back to the activities you and your kids can enjoy at the Golden Tusk, I would highly recommend you start with a leisurely walk in and around the resort checking the flora and fauna if you are luck like us you will see a pack of Jackals playing in the dry river bed. Be prepared to be greeted by Koels, Red Vented Bulbuls, Jungle Babblers, Oriental White Eye and many other birds.

The resort organises safari to both buffer and core zones of Corbett  but I would also reccomend to check a bird watching trip specially in the winters. There is never a dull moment for you and your family at the Golden Tusk as you all will be spoilt for choice of activities ranging from Swimming, to wall climbing to burma bridge to cycling and many other physical and mentally stimulating activities.

Never A Dull Moment Bag made from recycled paper

A Bag made from recycled paper with the motto of the Golden Tusk – Never A Dull Moment


Burma Bridge The Golden Tusk Resort

So you think you have a well-balanced personality? Test it out on the Burma Bridge- As long as you get up more than you fall, you will emerge a Champion.

Adventure wall rock climbing

No wall is tall enough

Once you are done with adventure just occupy a hammock and immerse in a book or snooze after a heavy lunch while you dream of watching a tiger.

Hammock Golden Tusk Resort

To do or not to do anything is the question- Chillax in a hammock at the Golden Tusk

MICE Facilities At The Golden Tusk Resort:  As Corbett is just a drive away from NCR and the industrial hub of Uttarakhand Rudrapur the resort is well equipped with facilities to organize Meetings and conferences etc. There is a distinct wing that can host more than 100 attendees in Confrence rooms that can be partitioned into smaller rooms as well as the settings can be changed to classroom as well as round table confrences etc. You can contact the management to learn more about these facilities.

Banquet facility The Golden Tusk

A separate dining area attached to the spacious and modular Banquet halls can easily accommodate both large and small groups for Meetings / Conferences etc.

The two days I spent at The Golden Tusk passed quickly, between visits to the national park, village walks, enjoying the hospitality, and conversations with Mr. Lakhotia & the team at The Golden Tusk. I hope to visit soon again in a different season and not only visit the jungle but enjoy the pools and other amenities at the resort. 

As I  mentioned earlier I was invited by the resort for a FAM trip but the experience shared here is mine and authentic.  In case you would like to visit the Golden Tusk you can book it directly by calling or booking directly here

 Direct Booking Of Golden Tusk Resort

Village Dhela, Ramnagar (Nainital),
Uttarakhand 244715 | Map
+91 8937000770 | +91 7253000770
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