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Looking for Perfect Selfie? Check out the Vivo V5

Question: What is common between tween queens to grannies in 70, to Cool Dudes hovering in malls to desi Boys in small towns? 

The answer is pretty simple: They all love to click and share selfies 

Just about 2.5 or 3 Years ago, my phone rang  and a dear friend asked

“ Hey Bro, I want to buy a new Cell Phone, which one should I buy? I am looking for a good screen, light weight, and something that can play games, what do you suggest?

Not that I am an expert in phones or cameras but many times my friends and family will approach me to seek some recommendations to buy a new smartphone. Till just about 2 years ago they will ask questions  about

  • Screen Size
  • Camera specs
  • Android vs. Apple
  • Brand
  • Price

But today, if anybody approaches me about buying a smartphone their first and foremost question, is very simple – “ I want a Perfect Selfie Phone ” Well yes, a “ Perfect Selfie” is the first and foremost priority of any cell phone buyers.  And Why Not this is the age of Selfie with Oxford dictionary mentioning “ Selfie “ as the word of the year in 2013. I think ever since our desire to click the perfect Selfie has only increased.

Vivo V5 Review

Everybody wants a Perfect Selfie

But for some strange reason mobile phone manufacturers were a bit slow to identify this trend and as recently as a few months ago the typical Selfie camera was only 2-5 megapixel that gave a poor result.  Not anymore, for all you out there looking for the Perfect Selfie Vivo the leading global Smartphone brand focusing on introducing products with cutting edge technology has launched Vivo V5 with a humongous 20 MP Selfie Camera for taking that Perfect Selfie.

Vivo V5 review

Vivo V5 – designed for that Perfect Selfie

But this is no ordinary Selfie Camera, the Vivo V 5  camera has upped the game with first ever first ever 20 Megapixel front camera phone for a good moonlight selfie.

So what is this Moonlight Selfie you may wonder? Well, if you are like most people I am sure you like to go out in the night to party with your friends and then as it is the norm nowadays you want to click a perfect selfie, but the low light in the night is just not enough to give you a good selfie.  In comes the Moonlight Selfie of the  Vivo V5, your savior in the moonlight to give you that perfect selfie. The V5’s Moonlight Selfie creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, giving you the soft radiant complexion of a supermodel for a beautiful picture-perfect image every time. So not only your face is abundantly and beautifully well lit even in low light the Moonlight effect gives you an evenly lit image without any harsh shadows and dark spots on the face.

The V5 with its Moonlight feature lets you click perfect selfie even in night

Check this video of movie star Ranveer Singh checking out the Vivo V5 for clicking selfies

A notable feature in the V5  here is the Face Beauty Mode 6.0 that gives you the Perfect Selfie in all kind of light condition giving a very pleasant skin tone to the pictures.

The Face Beauty Mode 6.0 of V5 makes all the difference to your selfie

But is that all that the Vivo V5 can do? Well I guess not, if you are looking at some low light performance and like to use your cell phone as a music player also then you are in good hands, or maybe you have a good thing in your hands as with the Vivo V5 you can engage yourself in the ultimate sound experience with the Hi-Fi music. I think for a traveler it is a cool feature as I love to listen to my favorite songs when I am traveling.

Some quick specs of the Vivo V5 are here ( off course with a focus on the Perfect Selfie Camera )

  • Front Camera:  20 MP ( First time ever for a selfie camera )
  • Rear Camera: 13  MP
  • Flash: LED
  • Internal memory: 32 GB
  • ROM: 4 GM
  • Processor: Octacore
  • OS: Android 6, Marshmallow

I think  if you are looking for a cell phone that can give you the Perfect Selfie then you can consider buying Vivo V5 for an MRP of 18500 /

You can visit the official website of Vivo for more information here:  Vivo V5

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  1. Hmm…
    I’m so bad at selfies. Maybe this is what I need. 😀

  2. It will certainly appeal to the selfie lovers but a 20 M front camera and 13 MP rear camera? I don’t get it 🙂

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