May 122014

A Twitter Selfie Contest for those who voted in Elections 2014

The last leg of the elections 2014 will end today, with it begin the wait for the new government.  This election is unprecedented in many ways and will go in history as:

The largest election in the history of humanity where more than 80 crore (800 million) people were eligible to vote, millions of them for the first time.

From a participation point of view it has been phenomenal, with more than 70% voter turnout in many places. It lasted more than a month with thousands of government employees on election duty, and the world watching India and Indians as they chose the next government to serve ( note serve not rule, I hope my words come true)  the largest democracy in world.

While the political parties campaigned for their candidates, the voters did not disappointed and came out in large numbers. One new trend that we saw in this election was use of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, both by political parties, candidates and voters. One biggest trend in this election was people sharing their Selfie after voting on Facebook and Twitter.

So here is a simple Twitter contest for Indian Voters who used their right and voted in the election 2014

Just post a selfie showing your picture with ink on your finger on twitter, use #desInk2014,  follow desi Traveler on twitter, share with your friends.

The top shortlisted pictures will be shared on desi Traveler Blog when the results will be announced and the top 3 pictures will receive surprise goodies from desi Traveler, the goodies will be related to my Kerala Trip to God’s Own Country.

For samples I requested some of my friends to share their selfies after they voted and they are given below.

Sudheendra Srinivasan #verdict2014

Sudheendra Srinivasan a proud Indian Voter


Tarun Gaul Travel Blogger #verdict2014

Travel Blogger Tarun Gaur with his brother after voting

Padmaja Pullabhatla #verdict2014

Padmaja an IT professional is all smiles after voting for future of India

diyanat ali ghac #verdict2014

Diyanat Ali Founder of GHAC, encouraged others to vote by sharing his selfie


Senior Citizens like Smt. Gnanamba Srinivasan also voted

All these proud citizens of India voted, what about you? So if you voted in election 2014 and participated in #Verdict2014, here is you chance of sharing your pics with #desInk2014 and win some cool desi Traveler goodies.

So don’t wait follow these steps

  • Share Selfie that you took after voting on twitter using #desInk2014, follow desi Traveler,  share with your friends.
  • I am giving some pictures of my friends who shared their pictures here.
  • I am also very happy to share that, multi award-winning  passionate photographer Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh, has kindly agreed to judge the entries and choose winners.
Chandrasekhar Singh

Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh

Please note:

  •  It does not matter which party you voted, as long as you voted and are sharing your selfie.
  • This contest is not related to any political party hence please do not try to politicize it.
  • Judges decision will be final and binding on all contestants
  • Results to be declared around 20th of this month.
  • Prizes will be sent to the address provided by winners to an address anywhere in India.
  • Contest is only for Indian Citizens who voted in Election 2014 and are sharing their selfie with #desInk2014 and follow desi Traveler on twitter.
  • Even if you asked for the picture to be taken by somebody it is OK, we know it its not a selfie in true sense but you Voted right? and that is what matters 🙂
  • You can also share your family members pictures and win prizes on there behalf.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, so if you want to take pictures in many poses go ahead and do it.
  • Once again # Tag for contest is #desInk2014

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UPDATE: Winners Announced

I promise that I will not sell, rent, or donate your email to anybody

🙂 🙂 🙂


  13 Responses to “#desInk2014 – A twitter Selfie Contest for Indians Who Voted in Elections 2014”

Comments (13)
  1. Excellent innovative contest. thanks for hosting it.

  2. Interesting contest. I had voted but did not click my selfie :).

  3. Good thing you voted. Its a duty that everyone should perform. Now for the results on Friday. Looks like its Modi all the way.

  4. Great initiative!
    but the ink on my finger is gone:(

  5. Even I voted. It will interesting to see which exit poll will come close to actual results.

  6. Lovely collection. I still have ink on my finger even though I took no selfie when I voted. 😀

    • Well if you still have ink it is never too late to take the picture and participate in contest.. as it is not about when you took picture but about the selfie with the ink 🙂

  7. Just entered the contest. Count me in Sir 🙂

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