Oct 162015

 Participate in the Visit Britain and Shaandaar Contest

Great Britain is known for her magnificent castles, emerald-green countryside pastures, grand royal ceremonies. No wonder Britain is a favorite location of many Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Here is your chance to visit Great Britain and see the grandeur, the greenery, the natural as well as man-made wonders in Great Britain. All you need to do is watch this video about the soon to be released Bollywood movie Shaandaar featuring heart-throb Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor. The movie takes you through some of the magnificent or Shaandaar locations in Great Britain like the Castle Howard, the emerald-green countryside of Yorkshire and many more. From the look of the video it seems that the movie is full of fun and some foot tapping Bollywood music awaits you filmed on scenic locations in Great Britain.

 Participating in the contest is easy and has only two steps.

  • Watch the video featuring some beautiful locations in Great Britain
  • Once you have watched the video, click on the video
  • It will take you to a simple quiz answer that and fill your contact details. ( The quiz is so easy and the answer is in video itself )

That is it, and once you have submitted your form your entry to the – “Fall in Love with Britain The Shaandaar way” contest is complete.

What you may win:  There are two pairs of tickets up for grabs as well as Shaandaar movie merchandise for a number of runner-up entries.  That is true you read it right, lucky winners will fly Business Class in Turkish Airlines to Britain and can enjoy their own Shaandaar style trip to Great Britain.

So don’t wait, go ahead watch the video –  “Fall in love with Britain the Shaandaar way” and you may be flying to Britain to see all those Shaandaar locations where the movie was filmed and you may actually live your dream holiday. Not only that there are also some great movie merchandise up for grabs for the lucky winners.



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  1. I think the movie flopped… have they declared winners of the contest yet?

  2. Done! 🙂

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