Dec 312012
All said and done 2012 was like any other year. On a personal front I will remember it as a year when I became a bit more serious about blogging and photography. Also missing my goals of loosing weight, exercising more and eating less ( what else is new 🙂 )
I have started using my Nikon more often and won a prize from Nikon in a small street photography competition for the photo given below.

Pearls in Old Hyderabad charminar

Pearl Seller and Photographer in Old Hyderabad

I was more active with my photography club and 3 of my  photographs were exhibited in Hyderabad. One of them being judged the photograph of the trip. It gives a very strange feeling considering I have never considered myself to be much of a photographer, but all said and done it does feels good and one want to take better photographs with every click.
The ones that were exhibited can be seen here:
My posts appeared in Ghumakkar one of the most popular multi-author travel blogging community.
I have also started contributing to Parentous a new initiative by blogdda to bring a community of parents together.
The biggest achievement was that I traveled almost equal for fun for first time in many years and less for work.Hopefully next year it will be same if not better as I enjoy traveling for work also and squeeze an odd weekend for some fun travel. I am also looking at opportunities to travel to offbeat locations and visit them for the charm and not for the bragging rights to have visited them.
Unfortunately for all of us here in India 2012 ended on a very sad note and everybody will remember 2012 for Nirbhaya the brave girl who fought 6 beasts in a moving bus and fought for more than 15 days for her life finally to succumb to her brutal injuries in Singapore  She has traveled to from where nobody comes back but she has ignited a million mutinies and hopefully her death will not go in vain. I was in Shilparamam yesterday for a photo-walk and clicked this picture there  of a street artist mourning her death.
Let her death not go in vain

A Street Artist Mourns Nirbhaya’s death

Good bye 2012 and Good bye Nirbhaya god bless you, I hope and pray with all my heart that your death does not goes waste and it launches a million more mutinies to get things better in this country for women. Let us hope all the anger and frustration that is resulting of coming together of citizens of this country continues and we are able to force our politicians to make changes to laws as well as ensure that those laws are strictly implemented.  Here is to Nirbhaya:
A part of me died today,
A part of me is coming back today
A part of me will be given to flames
A part of me will become the flames,
My flames will melt the barricades,
Your cannons of water can not
Stop my fire
for I have ignited a million more

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  1. I read about Nirbhaya in the newspaper. May god bless her.

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