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My Images for 7 day Nature Photo Challenge

A few days ago I was invited by fellow traveler and blogger Pooja Bhatt to participate in 7 days Nature Challenge. The rules of the challenge are that you post one new image every day and nominate somebody else to take the challenge further. I was a  bit reluctant to participate in the same as I have joined the  7-day nature challenge earlier also on the invitation of other friends.  But Pooja insisted that I must share my images.  So over a period of 7 days I shared images, but as always I did not further pass the challenge though you are welcome to take it further.

Before we begin you may ask if the nature challenge was on Facebook why I am sharing images from Instagram ? Well the answer is simple it is much easier to embed images from Instagram compared to Facebook ( for me at least ) and the same image was shared on Facebook also so I guess technically we are ok 🙂

This first image above is of Datura Flowers, that are mildly poisonous yet they are offered to lord Shiva on Shivratri along with Datura Fruit. The Datura grows wild in most of the India but we do have some cultivated species specially grown in colder places that have huge mildly scented pink / cream flowers.  This particular image was clicked in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary near Gurgaon.
The above image is a bud of Calliandra flower as  you can see it has multiple heads that all open up together giving an impression of a big single flower.  The flowers are full of nectar and favorite of Sunbirds in our society. Needless to say, the image was clicked in our housing society garden. Check the post here: Birding In Backyard where I have shared images of flowers and birds clicked in our garden.
The above image of an Elephant calf  hiding in her mother’s legs makes me soft every time I see it. The gentle giants were patiently waiting for the photographers to go away and traffic to ease so that they could cross the highway to reach their watering hole. We, humans, have destroyed their homes,  taken over the paths Elephants have taken for centuries and then blame the Elephants for Human-Elephant conflict. Trust me it is a conflict totally caused by humans and not Elephants.
The above Chameleon was clicked on a sunny winter morning as he based to warm up his blood, but constantly on vigil to catch some insects while trying to ensure that he does not become prey himself of all the danger lurking around.
We, humans, have a lot to learn from animals as far as living in harmony with nature and each other is concerned.  Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary is in the desert state of Rajasthan and water is a scarce resource. Yet it was heartening to see this migrant Eagle and the Doe share water peacefully without bothering each other.
I firmly believe that nature is not just flora and fauna but also the terrains that support it, the water we drink in cities may  have started as a droplet from a glacier high up in the mountains. While nature is beautiful it is also very rugged and has a beauty that is hard to imagine. Just look at the scene from Spiti where even today roads are a formality and travel through the treacherous passes tough on both body and spirit.
Finally, from the 7-day nature challenge on Facebook  I have this oddball picture of what momentarily may seem like a flower ( momentarily, OK, no need get upset please ) , but in reality is the crown of African Grey Stork.  I was trying to click a portrait of this Stork at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore but of no use he would just not look at me. It then struck me that I am being gifted a unique picture with  a very different point of view to click the Grey Stork.

So dear reader with this I close this post about my 7 images that I shared as part of the Nature Challenge on Facebook. Though the challenge was floated on Facebook I shared the images on both Facebook and Instagram. I am not nominating anybody as I am not sure if you have participated in the 7 day nature photo challenge on Facebook earlier or not, so to take this further  you are welcome to join the same. The rules are simple and given below , you can share it on your Facebook and quote me as somebody who asked you to participate in the challenge and further nominate your friends.

I was nominated by desi Traveler to do the Nature Photography Challenge. I will post a nature photo each day for 7 days and nominate a new friend each day.

So here we Go !! Today is my First day 😀

Further I will like to nominate  XYZ to take it further.

As simple as that and you are set to go and share your nature pictures and involve your friends in a nature challenge. Much better than posting and sharing those hoax status updates about privacy on Facebook. Let us share some pictures that depict the beauty of nature around us.

But before we sign off here is a bonus image that shows the colors of nature I recently clicked in Himachal Pradesh on a recent trip in Dagshai.

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🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. superb photos 🙂

  2. simply gorgeous 🙂

  3. That’s a great collection of photographs, as always Prasad. I’m tempted to take up the offer ;D

    I swear those privacy statuses went too far this time. :D.

  4. Amazing pictures …. hope you are gonna add it to this year Calendar 🙂 🙂

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