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These indiblogger guys keep on pushing me to get out of my slumber and write more frequently. This time the topic is how blogging has changed my life; I was like ok let me ponder this, as contest or no contest I have been thinking about it recently.

I think blogging has changed my life in 7 major ways and let me list each one of them:

1.       Life is more than Deadlines: I think once I started blogging and reading blogs of others one question that has been hounding me is why my life revolves around the deadlines dictated by someone else.  Are deadlines bad… hell no as long as I can set my own pace. That is the beautiful thing that I have learned from blogging. Unless you are crazy enough to write to participate in a contest!
2.       Active Thinking: I think rather than drifting or floating ( take your pick) in where ever the Missus, the kids and the boss dragged me, I am now actively thinking if there is a blog post in this visit. Is there a photograph I would like to put on my blog. This makes the whole experience enjoyable. And I keep the option open to say what the hell I am not clicking any picture I just want to soak in this sunset as it will never be repeated.

3.        Discovery of Centre of Universe: After reading wonderful blogs by some equally wonderful people I discovered that I am not the centre of universe as I used to believe. Fortunately I discovered that there are a billion centre of universe  and each centre of universe is equally good bad or ugly as the next guy. This has made me respect the opinion of others and learn the fact that there are other points of view that can be different than mine and they can be right.

4.       Learnt a new language: As somebody who joined the social media and chat baraatpretty late, I started learning a new language once I started blogging. Initially it was a struggle to understand ROFL, P, TY, LOL and all kind of other symbols, but I ultimately said WTF let me get familiar with these. I still do not use most of them but nevertheless learnt a totally new language. Besides these I got to  have a fling in far flung place like Java, I plan to take some pretty hot pictures (php), from our too hot to mention love story (HTML), but I can’t do that because there is a code of silence between us.

5.       Photography:I was a click and then look into the picture kind of guy, my serious photographer friends used to call me Auto pilot, as all my pictures used to be in auto mode ( many still are). But as I mainly write a travel blog I became a bit more serious about clicking pictures and trying to click something that captures the essence of the place and not just pictures. So today I am a self certified better photographer than I was yesterday. Self pat on the back, feel free to join the chorus.

6.       Humor:If you laughed or even smiled at the last line of the last point you would have noticed that I can laugh at myself, this is the biggest change  that I have observed in me.  Blogging has made me realize that life is too short to be taken too seriously and one should look at small opportunities to enjoy, relish and share joy and happiness.

So  my friends these are the ways that blogging has changed my life. This post has been specifically written to participate in Indiblogger contest to visit WordCamp Mumbai 2012 2012, a conclave about all things WordPress. As I am planning to switch to WordPress I think this will be a great place to visit.  Check the website for World Camp Mumbai 2012 here.
PS: I am sure half of you did not notice that  I initially said 7 things that changed my life but listed only 6. And that my friends those who noticed this discrepancy  is the biggest lesson I have learned from blogging that change me. That a lot of time people will not care what you are writing.
.ads in wordpress
So one has to blog for the pure love of it,  not to win contest, not to become popular, not to make money ( though none of them would be sent back if they decide to come my way ), but for the pure joy of blogging. That is the essence of my blogging journey- do it for the  joy, fun, happiness, high, zone  ( pick your poison) it gives you and rest can follow if they wish.
Thanks for dropping by see you in Mumbai, I hope you like the picture of sunset I recently clicked in Tal Chhapar Rajasthan given below.

sunset in Tal Chhapar Rajasthan
An Eagle in Sunset

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  1. awesome picture prasad sir

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    Great info.I like all your post.I will keep visiting this blog very often.It is good to see you verbalise from the heart and your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Ghazala.. thanks for visiting…. the missing point actually makes the point..:)

  4. There is one point missing and maybe you have saved it for a second part..! 😛
    Loved the picture and agreed with most points, best of luck 🙂

  5. The concluding paragraph made up for the otherwise humdrum post… loved the gimmick!

    Arvind Passey

  6. The concluding paragraph made up for the otherwise humdrum post… loved the gimmick!

    Arvind Passey

  7. That was a good read. This is something that most of your fellow bloggers will relate to. I honestly didn't notice the missing point. You're right. It doesn't really matter in the blogosphere (we're not studying for a test)it's the matter that matters.
    Btw, that's a fabulous picture, Mr. self-certified-better-photographer (than you were yesterday.) 🙂

  8. That picture is smashing. And my best wishes for the contest.

  9. That picture is smashing. Best wishes for the contest too.

  10. Beautiful sunset photo! And yes, I had noticed one point missing 🙂

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