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A detailed review of Honor 5C Mobile from Huawei India

This post is about my first-hand experience and review of Honor 5C mobile phone from the budget range of Huawei India, a global giant in electronics.

Not a day passes when a new Smartphone is not launched in Indian market. We have now Smartphone in India at every price point for every budget and need. As an early adopter of mobiles in India, I have watched the mobile market evolve from close quarter. I have lost count of the mobile phones I have used, personal as well as given to me by my employers and nowadays that I get for review.

Honor 5C Review (6)

The Honor 5C arrived in this brightly colored box

And I am kind of enjoying the process of reviewing mobile phones, for many reasons. One of the reasons I like checking and reviewing new mobile phones is that I get to experiment with various settings and learn so many new things about the new features on the mobile phones.

So when the Honor 5C arrived in its bright colored bluish / aqua colored box, I knew immediately here is something I would like to play with. As I was checking the phone from various angles and feeling the sturdiness of the build wife jee commented

“You are like a Cat” I looked at her like a “ Bheegee Billi” and meekly asked

“What have I done now?”

Honor 5C Review

I played around with the Honor 5C before I actually started using it

Totally pleased at here allegory she continued, “You Know like a Cat plays with mouse before eating it, you play with your new mobile before clicking it or using it”

Without bothering about the Cat and mouse story, I asked her to have a look at this phone; it looks so good and feels solid. Now curious, she picked up the Honor 5C and said, yes, this phone looks solid, not those “ Touch Me Not, kind of devices”

“That dear reader kind of sums up my experience with the Honor 5C, a good looking phone that is encased in a metal alloy body that gives firm grip and a sense of something sturdy in your hands”

Honor 5C Review

My experiments with Honor 5C continued 🙂

Honor 5C Review

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body with metal brush finish

But that is just the beginning let us continue with my fun times as I write more in this review of Honor 5C from Huawei India.

As I experimented clicking the Honor 5C mobile, I tried clicking it from various angles, but not satisfied with the regular product shot kind of images I also clicked a few other shots just to amuse myself.



Camera on Honor 5C

Honor 5C Camera Review

The main camera on Honor 5C is 13 MP & gives good result

As an avid mobile photographer, the camera on the mobile is one of the first things I like to check. The Honor 5C is packed with some good features here.

The selfie camera of Honor 5C has a 8 MP front camera with F2.0 aperture and 77° wide-angle lens. It also is packed with 10 different beauty modes to suit your needs and light conditions. The F 2.0 should help in low light conditions by letting all the possible light into the sensor.

The Rear Camera of Honor 5C has 13 MP with BSI sensor, Prime ISP, flash-capable HDR mode, and SmartImage 3.0. The HDR mode is useful to capture high contrast images seamlessly. Besides HDR and beauty some of the other modes to try and experiment with Honor 5C are the – Good Food mode and the light painting mode. Maybe I will experiment more with these modes and share the results with you.

Honor 5C Camera Review

I am experimenting with Good Food and HDR mode will soon share more

Fingerprint Sensor on Honor 5C

Initially, I was a bit reluctant to use the fingerprint sensor as I have seen all those movies in which the villain cuts the finger of a scientist to unlock some secret safe etc. But then I thought, what the heck, let me check this thing out to find out how the fingerprint sensor works.

Basically, the Fingerprint Sensor on Honor 5C uses 2nd generation Swedish-designed FPC fingerprint sensor and unlocks the screen in just 0.5 seconds. To set up you fingerprint you just need to follow simple steps and your phone is secure. As per claims by Huawei even if somebody roots your phone they will not be able to access your data, as the information is encrypted and stored in a secure area. With the right finger, the phone unlocks in just 0.5 seconds.

Honor 5C Review

A fast, secure and responsive fingerprint sensor

Battery Life of Honor 5C

Now was time to check other features on the phone, now with more and more features on the phone and large display size of screen the battery life is the first victim of most smartphones. Now this is where my playing around with the Honor 5C played rich dividends. As I was checking the phone after charging for a few hours and playing around it for a few more watching videos, clicking images and keeping the screen on for the longest possible duration of 10 minutes at a stretch to click images I was happy to find that the Power Module showed 65 % battery and 63 Hours and 53 minutes left. If you keep the phone in Ultra power save mode it was showing 142 hours and 56 minutes. Though let us remember these durations are when the phone is being barely used for anything. If you are using the phone as a normal user then the battery on Honor 5C should last you 1.3 days ( as per their site — Battery provides 1.34 days* of heavy use thanks to Android 6.0’s Doze Mode and Huawei’s SmartPower 3.0 power-saving technology. ) .

I think a combination of a fast, responsive camera that takes good pictures and long battery life makes me want to take this phone on my travels, especially on those treks when you can not charge your phone. In remote places, the dual antenna with better connectivity and long battery life of Honor 5C makes it an ideal travel companion. I plan to write a more detailed post about taking Honor 5C with me on a jaunt. Watch this space.

Honor 5C Review

The proprietary EMUI 4.1 gives many bells and whistles – Like the ability to control power consumption

Operating System

Honor 5C runs the proprietary Huawei Elegant EMUI 4.1 built on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and provides some extra feature that comes inbuilt with the phone. The Marshmallow is the latest Android available in the market as of now.

What is in the Box:

Honor 5C Review

Inside the box of Honor 5C – I also like the many native gallery images

The set I received had a Gold Colored, Honor 5C, a USB charger cum cable. The Honor 5C also comes in Silver and Grey.

Some Key Features and specifications of Honor 5C mobile phone

  • DISPLAY Type : IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M color
  • Screen Size : 5.2 inches
  • MEMORY Card slot : Micro SD, supports up to 256 GB
  • Internal memory: 16 GB, 2 GB RAM
  • Main Camera : 13 MP, f/2.0, autofocus, LED flash
  • Selfie Camera : 8 MP, f/2.0
  • Colors Available : Silver, Gray, Gold

A Few things that I personally like about the Honor 5C

  • Long Battery Life using power efficient hardware and power plan combination
  • Sturdy Build encased in Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body with metal brush finish
  • Super Wide Surround sound speakers at the bottom
  • The phone comes with many beautiful gallery images from India as well as abroad. You can use them as your screen saver, or background to add a dash of color to your phone.
  • A very value for money price of INR Rs 10,999 /-
Honor 5C Review

Super Wide Surround sound speakers at the bottom

Who should buy Honor 5C

This Honor 5C is best suited for users who like a no-nonsense workhorse kind of phone that will click good pictures. This phone will make sure you have ample signals thanks to its dual antenna, and should take the odd drop or two when you are a bit careless. All this for a budget friendly price of Rs 10,999 available on Flipkart . The Honor 5C is your day to day usage phone but if you are looking for high-end gaming, using too many apps simultaneously, then it may not work for you.

Honor 5C Review (4)

More information: Honor 5C Website

Note for readers: I received an Honor 5C mobile phone for review from Huawei India on returnable basis

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Honor 5C Review

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  1. Like the way you taken the product shots. Definitely good buy for the range of features available in just 11K.

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