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Download the January 2017 Desktop Calendar-Runners on a Bali Beach

This post is about the January 2017 desktop Calendar Download, that features the Bali Beach Run clicked around dusk at KuDeTa beach. As promised the focus country for 2017 Calendar is Indonesia and every second image in 2017 will be from my Trip of Wonders from Indonesia. 

But first let me share what my saint of grandma, often said – पहला सुख – निरोगी काया, दूजा सुख – घर में हो माया

Meaning – Foremost happiness is a Fit Body; second happiness is wealth in your home. This way she described the old saying in a total of 7 forms of happiness. But like I mentioned in the first line itself the foremost happiness is a Fit Body, for if you do not have a fit body you can not enjoy anything. If you are sick neither the food tastes good, nor can you enjoy your luxurious mansions, for all your physical senses depend on your physical fitness.  So dear reader in this last post of 2016 that also qualifies to be the first post for 2017 along with wishing you a “ Happy and Prosperous New Year” let me also wish you a FIT BODY, MIND, and SOUL. For the times have changed and today the emphasis is on wholesome fitness.

Why I am peddling this gyan in the last blog post of 2016 that also qualifies as the first post for 2017? Truth be told I have neglected my body for too long ever since I stopped running many years ago.  In between I compensated the same by joining our society Gym and working on my body, while it gave me muscles I still lacked in stamina and I miss my stamina the most when I am on a trek in the Himalayas, more so when I am in a high altitude place like Spiti or Ladakh. So a few weeks back my daughter ( who sometimes acts like my Grandma )  who is quiet a yoga practitioner thanks her school yoga classes wanted me to make a promise that I will be back to my normal shape before her next birthday. Now I am sure I have broken many a promise in my life but this is one promise I intend to keep and hope to make my little one happy. So I have started a simple exercise regimen and hope to make it more intense in the coming months and years.

Without much ado, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the first image for the 2017 desktop calendar featuring 3 runners on a Bali Beach. The image was clicked on the last day of my Trip of Wonders in Indonesia. I chose this image so that I can save it as my desktop wallpaper and work towards my fitness goals in 2017. If this motivates any of my readers to get fit then it will be double happiness for me in 2017.

Download January 2017 Desktop Calendar featuring runners on a Bali Beach

Download January 2017 Desktop Calendar featuring runners on a Bali Beach

You can download the January 2017 desktop calendar in 3 sizes ( Just right-click on any of the links below and download )

1024 px wide 

1600 px wide

2100 px wide 

How this image of Runners on Bali Beach was made:

I was lazily walking on the beach trying to capture the kaleidoscopic colors of the Bali Sunset when I saw these runners coming at a great speed towards me. I immediately made a run to the other side and positioned myself in a manner to click them with their reflection in the incoming wave. As I wanted the image to capture their motion, and not freezing the frame, I decided to go for motion blur and switched to manual mode and clicked the image at 1/15 of the second giving a nice blur to the runners while still keeping the horizon fairly sharp. But as I ran to position myself before the runners on the beach reached me, I was already out of breath and I almost missed my shot. So I can say this is a lucky shot for me, for not only I got one of my favorite images from my Indonesia trips, I also realized how unfit I have become. Now thanks to my pledge to my daughter, I hope to make 2017 the year when I will get fit again.  I have rarely made public announcements of my personal or professional goals, but this time I am making an exception as not only I want to make my daughter ( Who sometimes act as my grandmother ) but also I want to go and enjoy my next Himalayan Trek (  a simple one  to begin with) with a fit body.

 Here is the EXIF data for this image if you are interested in technical details:

With this, I hope you will have a Wonderful 2017 and besides your other goals in life you  will also work towards a Fit body, for like my saint of grandma said – The foremost happiness is a Fit Body.

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  1. so beautiful 🙂
    happy new year 🙂

  2. Oh wow! It’s breathtakingly beautiful!
    Happy new year to you Prasad sahab:)

  3. I wish you good luck with both your fitness and other goals, Prasad. There is no substitute for a fit body. And the reason I love my exercise so much is because it gives me so much energy. That picture is gorgeous. Really love it!

  4. Wonderful composition. Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  5. Awesome pic. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Happy New Year 2017

  6. Amazing picture and totally agree with your grandma – my mom says that to me often too. All the best for your goals, I really need to work on my fitness too, albeit in a slightly different way than you!

  7. Beautiful picture. Loved the play of colors. Have a great 2017 Prasad. 🙂

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