Aug 202013

  20 Responses to “Lizards Seen in Hyderabad in South India”

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  1. Gorgeous! Didn’t know of this sanctuary. Did you go in in a vehicle or on foot?

  2. Wonderful click

  3. Wow lovely captures, lizards quite wonderful creatures.

  4. nice pictures and excellent details 🙂

  5. they look innocent .,. and all love to them but keeping similar distances 😀 ..I dont like them .. but these captures do give me enough reasons not to question their existence in the planet 😀 in fact I liked them through your lenses 🙂

  6. Fantastic shots. They look scary.

  7. Great captures Prasad. Which camera do you use?

  8. the orange lizard looks so beautiful…although i am herpetophobic, but i cant resist admire their beautiful click

  9. wow brilliant clicks.. creatures that scare me a lot, looking good here :p

  10. And colorful too! Lovely collection.

  11. My! what images!! really great photographs up there, Prasad. You really do succeed in making us see the beauty in them. 🙂

  12. Amazing captures and a wonderfully complementary narration to go along. As someone who generally shies away from these creatures, you almost made me fall in love with them. Thank you. 🙂

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