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Pondicherry is one of the most beautiful beach, and historical cities in India. With Bay of Bengal on one side and surrounded by Tamil Nadu on all others it used to be a French Colony in a predominantly British India. Last week I was in Pondicherry for this trip after almost 2 years and had dual purpose of revisiting Pondicherry as well as to attend a marriage. In this post I am just posting some random pictures from Pondicherry and detailed posts will follow soon.

In this post let me talk about the marriage. The groom who is younger brother of my friend is an IT professional  who though a Tamilian has lived in many places  India like Gujarat, Maharashtra Delhi, Chennai and abroad like UK, US, Australia etc. The bride a charming French girl who met the groom through a common friend now they both live in Melbourne.

Indian Marriage Engagement Rings

Holding hands to be together forever

They decided to marry in the scenic Pondicherry or Puducherry as now the puritans call it. But we will stick to Pondicherry as it is still fondly called by both the locals and the French who once lovingly created the French outpost out of   fishing villages.

Ceremonial Earthen pots for Indian Wedding

Everything in Indian Wedding is Colorful

Without going in many details let me take you to the journey. I reached Chennai by an early morning flight, where a couple from Australia was waiting for me as we were to travel together.  It was their first time in India and they were clearly in a shock at the chaos at the Chennai Airport, which is competing for the worst large airport in India crown. We had only one conveyor belt working and the male urinals still have open stinking drains in L

The journey to Pondicherry was uneventful and I slept through most of it, not so sure about the Australians. I was staying at the resort where the marriage was to take place along with the bride’s family. The rest of the guests have chosen to stay in the French quarters and were to join us in resort next day. We had guests coming from Melbourne, Moscow, Paris, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and a few other cities.

I decided to explore the resort and surroundings and click some pictures.  I will be writing in more details about the visit, in the mean time I hope you like some of the pictures I have shared here on this post.  Some of the pictures have been clicked by cell phone from a moving car hence the quality is not very good, but hope fully dear reader you will excuse me for the same.

A Wedding guest in Veranda

One of the guests at the wedding enjoying the shade in Veranda

You see some time when you are on road you just don’t have time for taking out you camera to click picture these are the moments when your faithful cell phone camera comes hand. The cell phone pictures though not of same quality as a DSLR the pictures are good enough to capture the moment.

A Sole Soul Walker on the Beach in Pondicherry


Indian Drum player

A musician playing drum in a wedding in Pondicherry

A baby on the beach pondicherry India

This little guy had no fear of the mighty Ocean

Couple sunset on beach in Pondicherry

A couple in sunset on a beach in Pondicherry – ( They asked me to click it )

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your comments on the same. If you have liked reading the post do share it with your friends on FacebookLinkedIntwitter and Google+  We will go through more of Pondicherry in the next few posts.


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  1. The wedding guests were quite a crowd, I’m sure. Now I’m curious about what kind of a ceremony it was and how ‘strange’ the guests found it. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Lovely anthology of photos. Is the first one supposed to show the contrast in color of the bride-groom?
    Thanks for sharing sights of Pondicherry 🙂


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    • Hi Jay… the first one was to show the rings, but I could not take the closeup enough. I wanted to highlight the colorful Indian style studded stone ring for the bride and the simple western style ring for the groom. Skin color is immaterial here, but the cultural gap between the two families that the two loving and mature individuals are filling is what is important in my opinion. I have been travelling again hence unable to write more, but will soon write more about the marriage. Thanks for tuning in.

  3. Loved the first picture, and what it symbolizes. Nice pictures.

  4. Lovely pics, Prasad!

  5. That is a nice place to visit in this season. Looking forward to your posts.

  6. Beautiful Captures!!!

  7. Beautiful colours of the wedding pictures

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