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Running the Rat race, scheming to swim with the sharks. Wondering what is left in rat race after conquering the corner office. Realized that I have run a lot and now is the time to stop running and start traveling, because ” The Journey Is The Destination.”

Best India Travel BlogThis blog is getting serious about me and is listed as one of the top travel blogs in India and hopefully we will have a steady long innings. If you have  gone through the blog it is not just about the places we visit, it is about what we discovered, liked and disliked as family. I am your regular everyday traveler who visits different places with family like most Indians. We go to beaches, mountains, tourist spots, discover our own city, foreign countries, and also the so called offbeat places e.g people call Sikkim an offbeat travel destination, which I visited more than 2 decades ago. So I am not sure about all this noise about traveler / tourists and different kind of travelers that people claim to be. I am simply happy to pack my bags and go to places I have always wanted to see if they happen to be in vogue wonderful otherwise I am happy to visit places that friends recommend or I may visit due to a business trip an sneak a weekend out 🙂   Though at times I do write about my solo travels when I rough it out with backpacking, hiking etc; but there too the focus is to write some thing that we can enjoy together as a family.

To summarize desi Traveler is our  personal travel stories and travel tips with a focus on travel that connects you with local people and places visited by us. I try to bring pictures that just do not showcase the places visited but also the human element in them.

I have been fortunate enough to write at other places on web and print media, and in a short span of time desi Traveler has made to the the top travel blogs in India and globally, you can check desi Traveler’s post on other places on web and print here.

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I can be reached using the Contact desi page, and  in case you are wondering, I am known as Prasad Np to most people on web.


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  1. Well done and nice effort! Its nice to see someone addressing where families should go on vacation. I wish you well in your endeavor and am sure many families will thank you for happy memories that your blog helps them create :).


  2. Nice line: This blog is getting serious about me and hopefully we will have a steady long innings. 🙂