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 desi Traveler’s guest posts and appearance in, top India travel blogs lists, print media etc.

I have been thinking about compiling a list of all the posts that other blogs have been kind enough to let me write. While I was thinking about it desi Traveler appeared in print media also so that was added to the wish list.

So after dilly-dallying for a long time here is list of   guest blog posts that I have written,  the odd awards won ( So shameless),  and the rare appearance in print media

desi Traveler

Let me begin with guest posts that I have written.  There are some sites where I have written more than once but I am giving only one link to the author profile on the site if they have created one.

Print media appearances

We all love our 15 seconds of fame, 15 minute of fame was in pre-internet era now all you get is 15 seconds so here are some of the Prizes won in various photography and blogging contests

desi Traveler has also been listed in these top Travel blogs list from India and abroad

 On no 1 in the list of Top 21 travel blogs in India.

Top India Travel Blog list


Interviewed on Fourways Travels:  Travel enthusiast

Top 16 Socially Active Travel Blogs a list by BaggoutTop India Travel Blog

Travel Blogs by Indians You Must Read by Hello Travel 

Top travel blog list Hello travels

Listed in Top Travel Blogs by Trip Crafters


I hope this list will keep on evolving and growing. Please feel free to contact me for any writing opportunity that you may have for me. Thanks for reading and do check, like and share desi Traveler with your friends and family.


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  1. best places mentioned

  2. We are very happy to see and find great places as well as more information about indian holiday destinations.

  3. nice information got Best places from here like desi places to go there

  4. Prasad, you have become quite the accomplished photographer (and blogger) in the last recent months! I take particular pride in this, as you couldn’t have done it without my assistance with some stateside purchases. ;>


    • Thanks a lot Peter, coming from you it is a big compliment.
      Not only in guiding me to buy the right gear, but also the time you took to help me understand the basics of photography has really helped me. I hope to do better every passing day and it will be all due to your guidance in both Hyderabad and US when you explained me how each picture you took and what is good or bad about those pictures.

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