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 Pictures of Utsab Durga Puja in Hyderabad

A true hallmark of a cosmopolitan city is celebrating all the festivals, and Hyderabad is one shining example of the same. Just last month we celebrated with Lord Ganesha and this month we are all celebrating Durga Puja with Maa Durga in Hyderabad. We have a large vibrant community of Bengali Bhadralok in Twin Cities, and I was invited by my friends from Utsab Cultural Association for the Durga Puja at Telecom Nagar  Gachibowli.  Actually I would have gone even without invitation as I just love going to Pujor, this reminds me of our days in Kolkota when we hopped from one Puja to another in the city.

Any ways without much ado here are a few pictures that I clicked both of Ma Durga, the pandal and the cultural program organized.

Utsab Durga Puja Durga Ma

Maa Durga


a child in front of Maa Durga

A Child Mesmerized by the changing lights of Maa Durga

Utsab Durga Puja Pandal

Durga Puja Pandal

Q in front of Durga puja pandal

Q in front of Durga puja pandal

devottes in front of durga maa

Devotees seek blessings and shakti from Maa Durga

cultural program at durga puja

A singer performing at Durga Puja

The Puja will continue till 13th and immersion is on 14th of October at 8 am. You can check this card for detailed program.

Program of Durga Puja

Utsab Durga Puja Program

If you have not been there you still have time and you can visit today in the evening. There are stalls for food and you can try some good Kolkota rolls there. Or if you are one of the Junk food generation attack the pizza counter.

Location of Utsab Durga Puja: Dr. YSR  National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Please feel free to share the pictures with your friends and family.  May Maa Durga destroy all demons in your life and full-fill all your wishes, and now in pure Delhi Style:



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