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desi Calendar Give away: Get a 2014 Calendar as Gift

OK all our desi fans, as of typing this post we have 580 fans on Facebook and 600+ on Twitter.  Here is a small token of appreciation for 3 of our lucky readers will receive a 2014 table top calendar from desi traveler, shipped anywhere in world. (desi traveler will take care of printing and shipping the calendar—Happy New Year 2014 in advance)

2014 calendar giveaway Buddha idol

18 Meter Tall Buddha in Hussain Sagar

I want to give away 3 table top calendars to our fans. There is no contest, nothing to buy just a very simple lucky draw, and the best part is you get to decide the pictures on the calendar.

Here is what you need to do:

Check desi Traveler blog as you would normally do. Browse through the pictures on the blog note down the pictures you like in the blog.

Now to participate in the contest here are the steps to be followed:

Like desi Traveler blog Facebook page

Then go to comments:

In the comments just write the 2 top pictures that you would like on your 2014 desi Traveler Calendar.


Say you like the post on the Chilkur Balaji Temple and you like the 3rd picture on the post, then you also like the post on Tal Chapar Sanctuary and you like the 4th picture. Then all you need to do is write this in comments

  1. Chilkur Balaji Temple post, 3rd picture- lady opening door.
  2. Tal Chapar birding post, 4th picture – European Roller

Off course you can choose more than 2 pictures, but please keep it less than 12 as there are only 12 months in year.

We will pick the pictures chosen by the winners and the most frequently suggested pictures for the calendar. So we will get a minimum of 6 pictures chosen by the lucky winners, and we will pick the top 6 pictures that appear in the list most frequently in the comments by participants, completing the 12 pictures. So even if you are not the lucky winner the picture selected by you still gets a chance to be printed.

SPECIAL PRIZE: One reader who does maximum tweets and Facebook shares will get a Fridge Magnate of his/her choice from the desi Traveler pictures. Please use #desiTraveler for me to keep a track of the same.

Once the contest ends on 30th November 2013, Raffle copter the application we are using for the contest will help in randomly picking the winner. In order to increase your chances of winning you can follow up on twitter and tweet about the contest also.

Once the contest is over I will contact the 3 lucky winners by email and once they send me their email address I will place the order of 2014 calendar online and it will be shipped to their address anywhere in the World where the printing company delivers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Not so fine print and FAQs

  1. I already like desi Traveler on Facebook can I still participate: Sure we love our Facebook community so please leave details of the pictures you would like on your calendar in comments.
  2. Can I give more than 2 pictures: Yes please go ahead 2 is minimum but you can give up to 12 pictures that you like
  3. Do I the contestant have to buy anything: No you don’t have to buy anything? All you need to do is like desi Traveler on Facebook and leave in comments the pictures you like.
  4. What if you add more pictures to the blog?  No problem you can put another comment in this blog if you like new post and picture on the blog better.
  5. By when I will get my calendar if I win:  The contest ends on 30th November 2014, so we will ship the calendars before 2014 begins.
  6. I have a question that you were not smart enough to perceive before hand so what should I do?….. Oops I need to work on my telepathy skills, in the mean time leave the question in the comments and I will answer it asap.

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I promise that I will not sell, rent, or donate your email to anybody

:) :) :)

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  1. As one of my favorite bloggers, I have passed on the Liebster award to you. Read more here: http://expatliv.blogspot.in/2013/12/1-liebster-blog-award-to-expatliv.html

  2. Amazing post Prasad . I have nominated you for Liebster Award . HAppy Diwali 🙂


  3. Here are my two pics:
    1) Scarface-The Prince of Bandipur Tiger Reserve (http://desitraveler.com/male-tiger-marking-territory-bandipur/)
    2) Gloria lily grows wild in the botanical garden (http://desitraveler.com/save-botanical-garden-hyderabad/)

  4. Came here from the Parentous blog 🙂 Errr..what if I dont have an FB account 🙁 cant take part in the contest is it?

    • Wow! Somebody without an FB account. Salute. Let me make an exception and you can just leave comment about the pics you like and tweet about the contest. We need to respect your choice of not having an FB account… 🙂

      • yayayayayay! thanks, I will definitely participate! yayayy! thanks…

        I used to be on FB, deactivated account this year start..life much better now 🙂

        • I can understand the Facebook issue :)… looking forward to your participation. thanks…

          • Okay, so I browsed through the pics, and before that let me confess, I havent read your blog at all..so started browsing through pics and sorry to tell you that I liked all of them 🙁 I am not able to pin point on a single entry at all..so I am out of this contest,…while the others struggle to select their fav pics, let me go and feast my eyes again 🙂

  5. The pictures that first came to my mind were:
    1. Hidden Canyon – first pic- pic of the canyon
    2. Taramati Baradari – 3rd – the arches
    3. Scarface

    (I wish these pics make it to your calendar. 🙂 )

  6. Good luck to you and your reader.

  7. Images slected by me:
    image 1. Hussain sagar buddha picture (Close up)
    image 2. Haathi wala image. The elephant is in front of guest house (green color) in Bandipur post

  8. A Butterfly called Crimson Rose – Crimson Rose.
    Lovely Lizards Seen in Deccan Plateau, 1st picture – An Oriental Garden Lizard Basks in Sun
    A Family Picnic at Hyderabad Zoo Park- Flamingos In Meditation At Hyderabad Zoo
    A Visit To Ethipothala Waterfalls near Nagarjuna Sagar, 1st picture – Ethipothala Waterfalls
    Lonely Planet Best Travel Photo Contest – Black Buck Returning Home in Sunset
    Ganesha The Traveler, 3rd Picture – Ganesha Getting Ready
    Places to Visit around Hyderabad-Forts, Lakes, Nature, Wildlife, Family Picnic , Kids fun, Shopping – Tarmaati Baradari Hyderabad
    Train To Rajasthan – Sarai Rohilla Station

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