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The Launch of Audi A4 at Audi Gurgaon

What is the sign of a booming economy? Well, you can read all those statistics that are printed in pink papers or you can simply check how many new products are being launched in a country. Going by the launch of new cars one can safely say that there is a big market for high-end luxury cars like Audi A4 in India.

Audi A4 price gurgaon

All New Audi A4

This weekend I was invited by Audi Gurgaon the flagship dealership of Audi Cars in India for the launch of the all-new Audi A4. The Audi Group, with its brands Audi, Ducati, and Lamborghini, is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the premium segment. It is present in more than 100 markets worldwide and produces at 16 locations in twelve countries around the world.

The Audi A4 launch event was full of fun with Magic Show by Karan Singh Magic, eclectic dance performance before the car was unveiled to all.

Once the car was unveiled it was the center of attraction and everybody wanted to be clicked with the Audi A4, and why not, the A4 is one o those cars that look stunning from every angle.

The event was also a fun event as I got to meet some of my blogger friends and also Guru of bloggers Sh. Arvind Passey. I was lucky to click Passey Sir in Goa so I requested him to pose for me in front of the all-new Audi A4 and he was kind enough to do so.

Arvind Passey blogger and columnist

The Yogi and the hottie – Arvind Passey with the all-new Audi A4

I can proudly say that both Audi Gurgaon & Delhi Central have the widest & the most exclusive offering from Audi in the country, making us the most preferred dealership in Delhi/NCR. As always, our objective will be to convert a customer’s experience into privilege. We are extremely excited with this new launch. Audi A4 has been the customer’s favorite and I’m sure it will continue to do so, as the company’s core focus is innovation and re-invention for the best driving experience”, said Mr. Rashy Todd, Managing Director, Zenica Group.

Audi Logo

The Audi Logo

This showroom of Audi Gurgaon is a huge one and right on the main Golf Club Road, in the Orchid Center.  As the event was in the night and the launch function was jampacked, I could not take any more pictures, so I requested the marketing team of Audi for a test drive cum photo shoot the next day which they readily agreed. So next day I took the Audi A4 for some Gurgaon darshan and clicked the all-new Audi A4 at different places in Gurgaon.

Audi A4 Red

The Shiny All New Audi A4

The next aim was to click some pictures of the Audi A4, and as we are already in September, I had only an hour or so to click the images. So we quickly went to one of the last surviving hills of the Aravali range within the Gurgaon City and I just waited for the sunset to happen as I wanted to click images of Audi A4 against the sunset.  But as Mr. Murphy said “ If Anything Can Go Wrong It Will”, there was some tussle between the clouds and sun and the clouds one there was no sunset, yes I could see the glow of the sun behind the clouds but no sunset. Yes, Sir absolutely no glimpse of the Orange orb in the sky. Well, so I decided to click whatever images I could get in the golden hour, sunset or no sunset.


Audi A4 Looks good


A closer look at the All New Audi A4


Ah the stuff dreams are made of 🙂 – Audi A4

But the shiny red Audi A4 was attracting too much attention and almost everybody who passed by will stop the car and check what is happening. I  had to explain to them what is happening and soon there was hardly any light in the sky. Luckily I was carrying my off Camera Flash and my man Friday for the shoot helped me click the images with help of the external flash used off-camera.

audi-a4 audi gurgaon

The Shiny Red Car in dusty Gurgaon 🙂

As we were clicking the pictures of Audi A4 some other photographers joined us and also wanted to click the Audi , and as I have always believed – “Photographer Photographer Brother Brother, i.e. फोटोग्राफर फोटोग्राफर भाई भाई ” we all started clicking the shiny RED Audi . I hope you liked some of the pictures of Audi A4 I have shared here.

audi-a4 Audi Gurgaon

A4 is a car worth being seen with 🙂


To understand all the zing bang and technology of Audi A4 – please book a test drive here: Audi Gurgaon

Some of the key features of the All-New Audi A4 are 

  • Efficient 1.4L TFSI four-cylinder engine with new 7 Speed S-Tronic transmission
  • 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds with top speed of 210 km/h
  • Up to 95 kg lighter than its predecessor due to the adoption of intelligent material mix
  • Best in class fuel consumption of 17.84 km per liter
  • First fully digital dashboard, the Audi virtual cockpit is completely driver-focused
  • The compact four-cylinder unit generates an output of 150 hp with a displacement of 1,395 cc
  • Prices starting from INR 38,10,000 ex-showroom Gurgaon


You can book a test drive for the Audi A4 by visiting these links

Audi Gurgaon
Audi Delhi Central

Or you can contact: Audi Gurgaon,  Orchid Centre, Sector – 53, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122001 | Tel : (+91) 124 4510 200 | Mob : (+91) 9650 555 111 | Hrs : 9:30 AM Hrs : 8:00 PM

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