Feb 262016

A Bond That is Fuelled by Love 


First a loving memory: I have always had a deep bond and touching memories for the British Airways as me and wife jee went to London and further in Europe in a British Airways flight and we had a jolly good time. Needless to say we were given a Royal treatment throughout the flight, with the head of cabin crew herself coming and greeting us during the course of our flight to London from Delhi.

Now British Airways have flown to India for more than 90 years and has deep bond with flyers in India and is well-known for its service to various cities in India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. BA as the airline is known among frequent flyers with its 49 flights per week to India has come up with some really memorable ads that have shown lots of love and mutual respect for India and Indians. But the latest BA video ad that is going viral is so heartwarming and touchy that it will make you go all mushy with love. The best part about the video is that it does not use a celebrity but your day-to-day people, a cabin crew member from British Airways visiting India for the first time and a desi Granny coming back to her home in India.  Both the granny and the girl are sad on coming to India, but for totally different reasons.

BA granny ad

The young cabin crew member has a hundred questions about her visit to India while the granny is lost in thoughts about her son and family, unable to control her emotions she is not eating anything on the flight.  This is where the heartwarming bond between the young British girl and the old desi Granny develops. We find that the roles of Granny and girl are reversed in the plane and though  Helena the cabin crew member started the flight worrying about her maiden journey to India, once she sees the granny, her natural maternal instincts take over. Without much exchange of words the two women separated by civilizations, countries and  more than 2 generations develop a bond that only people with deep love and mutual respect can share; for you can say a lot of things but it is the things that you do without saying are the ones that our instincts tell us to believe.

British airways granny ad


Here is the video that will make you understand why this heartwarming video inspired by a true story that happened on a British Airways flight is winning hearts of across ages in India and abroad.


What do you say? Did you watch the video till end? If not go back and watch it till the end as only then you will know the real reason this heartwarming story that shows mutual respect and love that is beyond age, gender, generations and countries.

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  8 Responses to “British Airways Wins hearts with an emotional campaign”

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  1. Your post brings back really fond memories of the years I worked with BA Prasad.Those were really ‘the days’, and times were different.
    It’s strange to see how many connects we find in life. This is yet another.
    Cut to the video – a bit too mushy for me. You know me 😉

    • Deeba Mam: I kind of had a feeling you will relate to this video. I will never forget how you and Rocky Singh loaded a BA Boeing when porters went on strike..that is stuff you only see in movies. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I watched it a few weeks ago. A memorable one.
    Didn’t know it was a true story. (But I’m not surprised. So, like us;) )

  3. I quite liked flying with them in my visiting UK days!

  4. Beautiful heart touching ad …

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