Oct 112017
How To Plan A Honeymoon To Remember With Expedia Honeymoon Planner

How To Choose Best Honeymoon Destinations With Expedia Most countries have four seasons,  Spring, Summer, Rains, and Winter, but our great country of India has the 5th season, it is called the Wedding Season. The main wedding season in most parts of India is from October to February during the winters. There are many reasons for this wedding season, as earlier our ancestors were mainly farmers and the winters after the sowing season was a relatively free time. As the weather is also much pleasant during winters in most parts of India, this makes perfect sense to plan a wedding [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 262016
British Airways Wins hearts with an emotional campaign

A Bond That is Fuelled by Love    First a loving memory: I have always had a deep bond and touching memories for the British Airways as me and wife jee went to London and further in Europe in a British Airways flight and we had a jolly good time. Needless to say we were given a Royal treatment throughout the flight, with the head of cabin crew herself coming and greeting us during the course of our flight to London from Delhi. Now British Airways have flown to India for more than 90 years and has deep bond with flyers [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 112015

    marhaba has truly been able to turn their service into an art form for their competition winners. Recently marhaba services held a contest and 3 winning families received a surprise welcome at the airport. Check out  this video that was made as the families put on a marhaba  surprise welcome as their loved ones reached the airport. Each heartwarming story shows the love and a glimpse of life of the people in it. One of which is an Indian gentlemen, looking to make create a special moment for someone in his life. Another surprise features a Filipino family wanting to express their love to a member of their family and a [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 162015
Tigerair website Ticket booking experience

Sharing My experience of Booking Tickets on Tigerair Website I hope you have read my post about my post about Top 7 Things to do in Singapore -in my earlier post and about What To Shop In Singapore.  As part of my continuing research for my Singapore visite, I checked the website of Tigerair who are my hosts for this trip along with Singapore Tourism Board. I have never traveled by Tigerair earlier so was curious to know more about them and see what kind of airline they are.  So here are some screenshots with my comments about the experience [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 212013

How The World Was Shrunk By Air Travel For a long time the world out there was a big bad world, full of dangers lurking in every corner. Air travel shrunk the world many times over as no longer one had to travel from dangerous deserts, endure rain forest or conquer the waves  taking weeks if not months to go from one place to another. Air travel changed everything, once the first Jet planes took off going anywhere in the world became a matter of hours. Indeed today you can travel to any two airports in less than 48 [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]