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desi Traveler Tests Canon 6D Mark II At Dilli Haat INA Market

Jewelry box for sale Dilli Haat INA Market

Dilli Haat is famous for the curios and handicrafts from all over India

Armed with a brand new Canon EOS 6D Mark II, I entered Dilli Haat, INA Market in Delhi hoping to click some images as I test the full frame mean machine from Canon.  But just as I entered Dilli Haat it started raining and I was wondering if I would be able to take any images or not. I had not planned for rains as when I started from home it was a clear sky with no chance of rains. But in true travel photographer spirit ( Note to reader: See how cleverly I declared myself ” Travel Photographer ”  🙂 ) I welcomed the rains after months of heat, dust, and humidity.

While it was raining I made friends with one of the many vendors at the Dilli Haat and decided to click some of the curios he was selling.  Soon the rains stopped and everything was sparkling after the first flush of Monsoons, I especially liked these Bougainvillea flowers that I clicked just to experiment with the settings as I learned the buttons on the EOS 6D Mark II.  The good thing is that Canon has provided many shortcut buttons on the body itself so you can quickly change the settings without going into the detailed menu. A wonderful feature when you are in a street, sports, or wildlife photography kind of situation. The buttons also came in handy especially the ISO button as the light was changing rapidly later in the evening.

Bougainvillea flowers Dilli Haat

Flowers are pretty and don’t move so are good to test camera settings

The first rains of Delhi at Dilli Haat was a big relief from the heat and as I was talking to one of the vendors at a stall I realized that the rains have made small puddles at various places in Dilli Haat that were a  good opportunity to click the various curios on sales, portraits of vendors and shoppers and the changing hues of sky as the light faded when the evening progressed.

Shiva idol with Ganga coming out of his head

Shiva with Ganga coming out of his hair – Click image to see Buddha idol with fountain coming out of the head

But as I was new to the camera and still learning its settings before clicking portraits of shopkeepers I decided to focus on some of the curios on sale at the Dilli Haat. I must say that I was very impressed with the quick focusing even in the low light situations. One of the shopkeepers was selling colorful idols of Indian Gods fitted with Chinese fountains and I really liked this Shiva with Ganga coming out of his hair. The idol was too good to be not clicked but I was a bit surprised to see that there was even a Buddha who had a fountain coming out of his hair.

The 45 point Autofocus system helps in quick focus selection and it is very useful in situations like you see in the second picture below and later in the image of the vendor

Bokeh Canon 6 D Mark II

Lovely bokeh lights behind the temple bell


ISO performance Canon 6D Mark II

This was clicked later in the evening using ISO 1000

Canon 6D Mark II review

I focused on the Pearl Chain in front of the Shopkeeper making him out of focus

Let us look at the image of the Jewelry seller below. On the face of it you may think that the image is out of focus, but look closely you will find that the Pearl chain in front of his face is sharp in focus as I actively chose my focus point on the image.


When you look at the second image then you realize that this time I kept my focus point on the eye of the boy rendering the Pearl chain in front of him and all the other things behind him out of focus.

Canon 6D Mark II review

Here using F4, I blurred the front and background while keeping the shopkeeper sharp in focus

Pleased with my experiments and now more confident with my understanding of the buttons of the camera I continued to explore and click the shopkeepers at Dilli Haat and even shared a cup of tea with one of the shopkeepers. She was selling Madhubani Paintings and when I told her that I once carried a Madhubani painting for a friend in London as a gift she immediately invited me for a cup of tea. Though I did not buy anything as shopping is the forte of Wife jee I was happy to share a conversation over hot tea with her and her husband.

Garam Chai- Dilli Haat INA Market

A Chaiwala was passing by 🙂 So we had some Chai Pe Charcha

Madhubani Paintings Dilli Haat INA Market

Madhubani Paintings are a must buy at Dilli Haat


Fake Jewelry shop Dilli Haat INA Market

A serious shopkeeper at Dilli Haat INA Market

Kutch handicrafts Dilli Haat INA Market

I have never seen such serious shopkeepers before

One of the most interesting persons at Dilli Haat I met was a Pandit jee who was telling the future with help of palmistry. Though I did not get my palms read, I did manage to click his portrait. If you are in Dilli Haat, INA Market don’t miss getting your future predicted by him.

Palmist Astrologer Dilli Haat INA Market Delhi

Check with Pandit Jee about your future…. 🙂 I was just happy clicking pictures with Canon 6D Mark II

As I was walking around Dilli Haat, I saw an interesting mural painted at the Amphitheater at the back of Dilli Haat.  But what was even more interesting was that a few puppies were hogging all the limelight on the stage.

Puppies at Dilli Haat INA Market

No prize for guessing which of the brothers has a future in Show Biz

One of them was too happy to pose for me, without even asking as if he knew what to do when you point the camera at him. He even walked up to me to check if I have clicked on a good image or not. I am not sure if he liked his picture or not as he silently walked away after looking at the camera screen as his mom was growling from a distance totally disapproving her son talking to a stranger, and not any stranger but a stranger with a camera.

A curious puppy Dilli Haat INA Market

Can I see my picture, please?

As the evening progressed and lights were turned on I clicked this Solo CFL bulb cooling down in a splash pool thanks to the rains earlier. As it was getting dark I decided to click some images of the sky with some trees and shops of Dilli Haat in the frame. My aim was to make sure that the trees come as a silhouette while the colors of the shops below are not affected much. You tell me if I succeeded or not?

CFL bulb Dilli Haat INA Market

Q > How many Travel Photographers it takes to click a ” SOLO ” CFL Lightbulb?

Low light performance Canon 6D Mark II

Evening Sky – Dilli Haat INA Market

Review Canon 6D Mark II

Birds were going home so I too decided to wrap up the day

Overall I enjoyed clicking images with Canon EOS 6D Mark II, but as I had it only for a few days, I think I could not do justice to all its capabilities and functionalities but whatever time I had the camera with me I felt confident and was able to get the images I had in mind even in very low light situations. As the camera has a good range for ISO 100 to 40000, expandable upto 50-102,400, though I between 200 -3200 ISO.

Some observations about Canon EOS 6D Mark II

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II gives a sturdy feeling in your hands and you feel confident holding it. The shortcut buttons on the body help in quickly changing settings to capture the shot and the 6.5 fps are sure useful in day-to-day situations when you want to make sure you have the moment you were aiming for.

The WiFi capability is sure useful in conjunction with the Canon app to quickly upload images on Social media so that is a good plus.

EOS 6D Mark II Specifications
Image sensor:

26.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

Imaging processor: DIGIC 7
ISO speed: 100-40000 (expandable range 50- 102,400)
Continuous shooting speed: Approx. 6.5 fps
Maximum video quality: Full HD 60p
Auto-focus: 45-point all cross-type AF / Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Wi-Fi / NFC/ Bluetooth/GPS: Yes
LCD 7.6 cm/3.0-inch Vari-angle touch panel (approx. 1.04 million dots)
Dimensions: Approx. 144.0mm(W) x 110.5mm(H) x 74.8mm(D)
Weight: Approx. 685g (body only)


The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is available at all leading retailers / Canon dealers and online. Check here for the latest Canon EOS 6D Mark II price on Amazon 

A note for readers: I received the Canon EOS 6D Mark II for review from Canon India.  I liked the camera so much that I did not want to return it. But those guys kept on calling me to take it back :(, so I had to return it 🙁  All images have been clicked by me and if you would like to know the Exif data for any image please comment below and I will be happy to share it.



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  3. Loved the post. Beautiful clicks with Canon 6D Mark II.

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