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Review of CAR CONNECT Website: Sharing experiences with friends


There was a time when we had a saying in India all you need is a “Roti Kapda or Makan”, meaning all you need is Bread, Clothes and a roof over your head. Well times have changed and most Indians need a Car also. For most urban middle class families a car is  not a luxury but a necessity as most  cities lack decent public transport. So a car provides a safe and secure means of transport for the family. Now in India we get cars for all the budgets from the super cheap Nano to the super expensive Rolls Royce everything is available.

But buying a car is not an easy task with ever company claiming that their car is better than the next guy whom do you trust? That is where user-generated reviews are useful but the challenge is to find them at a single place so that one need not look for it everywhere. That is where the CAR CONNECT site comes in handy.

Initially I was a bit skeptical to sign up the site as most sites will ask you to fill a long form, and try to collect as much as information they want like your name, DOB, city, marital status, family income, blood group, and god knows what else. But Car Connect folks have made the life easy and I could just create my account using my current Facebook account. So All I had to do was give permission that Car Connect site can use the publicly available information from my Facebook Account. This all lasted less than a minute and my profile was ready on Car Connect site.

Car connect home page

Car Connect Home Page

car connect profile page

Car Connect profile using Facebook

As the information on Facebook is already public, I was not worried about sharing more information than I wanted to, and since this saves me the hassle of remembering another user id and password it was a big plus point in my opinion.

Now after a makan or house a car is one of the biggest investment one makes, and it becomes more important when the car is not just for one person but will be used by the family. So the compare car function of the Car Connect really helps in making sure you get the latest information on your dream car and you can compare cars across brands, models etc.

Online Car Comparison

Comparing Cars was never this easy

As one does not buys cars every day but one can always look at various ways to feed one’s passion for all things car. A nifty feature of the Car Connect website is to let you share your experiences on road trips as well as various cars.  The good part is that I need not own the car I want to share experience about.  Some time you may ride in a car with a friend or borrow their car, or simply could have gone on a test ride before you decide to buy the car of your dreams. Car Connect comes in handy and lets you share your experience with the world and in turn you can also check the experience of other real users who have shared their own experience. Now this is what I call social network with a purpose.

Sharing ones car or long drive experience is super easy and the  site allows you to share your experience in just a few minutes without any hassles. All you need to do is select the car and model you want to share about, and then you can share your own experience in your own words.  One can also  share pictures and videos using just one click and need not be tech savvy to do the same.

Review of Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXi on Car Connect

Sharing car experience on Car Connect

But what is an experience if your friends are not there to share it with you? I could immediately find out my Facebook friends using the site and what experiences they have shared on Car Connect, this gave me a lot of confidence about the reviews on the site as I could see that they are coming from real people whom I know and trust. This is a very important feature in my opinion as and not trusting some  CrazyCarlove69, here were people whom I already trust sharing their experience, making the process more reliable. 

My facebook friends on Car Connect

Friends on Car Connect

But what is a car site if it does not have a bit of competition going on? So you can see who is scoring how much and have reached what level. One starts at Bronze level and can reach up to Platinum via Silver, Gold and Diamond level. Each level requires you to share a specified number of experiences before you get the next medal.

medals on car connect

Car Connect Medals on the leaderboard


Besides this the site also  has features like New Car updates, chat etc.  It is easy to search for information and one can easily click common and most used tags by names of cities, car models, road trip etc.

Pros: The site is fast and lets you share your experiences easily using your Facebook account, it is fast, responsive and easy to navigate. As I can search from experiences of my friends one can get more authentic reviews from known people.

Cons: The site can definitely work in the looks department.

So if you are somebody who wants to be always one up about cars you can visit CarConnect site and create your profile and share your experiences and learn from your friends stories.


This post is part of Indiblogger contest about sharing experiences with CarConnect .


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  1. Good to read this review. A clear view and illustrated.

  2. Great review.

  3. Brilliant review, Prasad! I totally agree about it being a social network with a purpose and who better than we bloggers to understand and appreciate this fact. All the best with the contest! 🙂

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